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Re: value study


Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 13:44:13 PDT

In a message dated 9/6/01 8:45:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> I am in search of some really unique ways to approach value study in
> drawing for Art I. I have the regular value charts, etc.

I found a book called "Drawing For the Terrified" and it gave me a way to
introduce tonal drawing.
 Exercise 1: they "play" with all their pencils by making all kinds of hatch
lines, spirals, side of pencil marks to see what the materials can do (2H,
HB, 2B, 4B). They do this in their sketchbook and write little notes about
how the pencil marks feel when making them (i.e., feels hard, makes light
marks; easy to draw with side of pencil, darker than 2H, etc.).
Exercise 2: I have them do a 9 value grid with the side of the pencil. The
book shows this in a user friendly way.

Exercise 3: From there I show them other alternatives on how to get value
besides smooth value with the side of the pencil. They get a handout
(attached for you, but the tones need to be added on the rubric before
Xerox).On this, they try cross hatching, spiral-like values and a scribble
or boucle-like value, and stippling to show them that density of lines
appears darker.

Exerciese 4: After they they accomplish this, they do a contour hand study in
detail, with value any way they ant using these techniques..

Exercise 5: Next,I have them do a line-value hand study in pen and ink
achieved by thick and thin lines that cross the hand like a topographical
map. (Remember the old Barnes and Noble portraits on their bags?). This is so
they know that they can achieve form not only with shading but with line.
When they get to this stage, they understand that flat shapes can become form
with contour outline or by using tone next to tone without any outline.

The results were astounding in this last exercise. It was worth the time.
Each exercise took about 1/2 period (45min). Except for #5 which is very
involved and takes about 3 classes because they also have to deal with the

Hope this helps.