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2001/09/06 Peace Project Transcript


From: BJ Berquist (berquist_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 06:22:04 PDT

Dear All,

Lots of exciting things happening with the Blanket the World with Peace
Project. I'm sending the edited transcript rather than a summary so you
can get better feel for how the project is being developed and see where
you might participate and help secure funding and publicity.

Respectfully submitted,
BJ Berquist
Associate Educator, TAPPED IN

AnnaCM says, "I think we should introduce ourselves and then recap."

BJB says, "Hi, I'm an art teacher in Pennsylvania and a staff for TAPPED

AnnaCM says, "I am Anna Martin. I am the cochair of EMIG, the
Electronic Media Interest Group. I also teach High School art in South
Carolina. I've just introduced the peace quilt unit."

KevanN says, "I am the Fine Arts Facilitator for my school district in
MN, AEM secretary, trainer for Artsconnected and an editor for"

AnnaCM says, "The peace quilt project began last summer as part of a
discussion on Tapped In."

KevanN ..ands it is an excellent initiative!
AnnaCM says, "We are planning a proposal for a funded project that would
involve schools and artists around the world."

KevanN says, "we spent some time discussing funding resources last time
as I recall."

AnnaCM says, "This is the second meeting, and at this time we want to
agree on a concrete proposal so we can identify a funding source and
apply for funding."

AnnaCM says, "I do have a short proposal, and can paste it into the text

KevanN says, "OK"



The goal of the project is to provide educators with support in
developing and implementing a multidisciplinary curriculum that explores
how past and present artists, writers, and musicians have represented
peace and unity. Participants will build upon the past by developing
personal work based on this theme. The final product will be a web page
with links to a second level of materials. The opening screen will
consist of a graphic that simulates a simple quilt design. Each quilt
square should represent the general theme of Peace and Unity, and quilt
squares will be hyperlinked to information about the school or artist
who submitted the design. Information pages may include poetry, essays,
reports, and even music or video. The squares are positioned as
independent images in an HTML Table. A randomization program can be used
to rotate the position of the rows of squares in order to provide
equitable exposure for each submission.

Teachers who participate will receive a packet containing an overview of
the project, lesson plans, resources, and guidelines for submissions.
Submissions will not be juried, but a review panel will assure that they
meet project guidelines.

General Statement:
The arts enable individuals to share their understanding of enduring
human concerns. The arts communicate through myths, metaphors, and
images that represent these concerns and are part of our cultural
heritage. The need for peace and unity crosses boundaries of time and
place, and peace and unity is represented in the art and literature of
many cultures. We would like to help teachers and students to learn
about this heritage by creating a collaborative project that explores
international representations of the theme.

The overall goal of the proposed project is to guide students to examine
the historical and cultural sources for representations of peace and

Objectives include the following:

1. Teachers will gain experience in using innovative technologies by
participating in virtual conferences at the TAPPEDIN Virtual
Professional Development Center. They will use the conference center to
meet, plan, and promote the project."

2. A group of interested teachers will develop a packet of lesson
materials (see sample lesson plan) and resource list based on the theme
of peace, and the curriculum concept of unity in design.

3. Teachers will present the lesson materials to their students.

4. Teachers and students will document results by displaying work on the
collaborative web page.

Program Components
1. A resource packet of Lesson Materials will be developed by a
committee consisting of EMIG members and other interested educators.
Copies of the packets will be created as needed."

2. The project will be promoted and publicized via the NAEA News, an
article in the NAEA Journal (?), TAPPED IN, the INSEA Newsletter, and
other publications. Requests will be sent to the Denmark-Olar Teen Life
Center. Packets will be disseminated to teachers and others on request.

3. Teachers will receive technical support for using simple graphics
software, photographing work, and designing web pages from EMIG
volunteer representatives and business partners. Work may be submitted
to EMIG for scanning or photographing on the basis of need. Schools may
received technical assistance in developing a web page based on
competitive proposals.

4. Teachers and artists will send completed squares and links to the
Teen Life Center for screening and formatting"

5. The final result will be displayed as a constantly changing web page.

6. The project will be presented at an NAEA session in March, and will
be updated as entries arrive.

Salaries: Clerical support, technical support
Copying and printing of resource packets
Postage and handling of packets

BJB asks, "do you have any idea what dollar amount we are looking at,

AnnaCM says, "I am looking at about $20000"

AnnaCM says, "This would include technical support and in-kind

KevanN says, "I would like to also add a financial incentive for schools
that submit work - perhaps to go towards art supplies...."

AnnaCM says, "Right."

KevanN ..or have work accepted.
KevanN says, "probably cheaper that way..."

AnnaCM says, "If we could get universities to collaborate by providing
help with web pages, we could save."

KevanN asks, "That sounds like a good idea - what about art schools with
electronic graphic programs in place?"

AnnaCM says, "I can ask for assistance at Voorhees college or the
University of South Carolina."

AnnaCM says, "Yes, students could work with schools to digitize the art

KevanN says, "There are 2 art colleges in Mpls/ St. Paul that I can

KevanN says, "I could also go to the Perpich"

AnnaCM says, "Our Teen life center is a funded center that could send
out and receive packets, but we would need to provide funds for the
clerical support."

KevanN says, "Center for the Arts"

JaniceEK asks, "WHat is Perpich?"

KevanN says, "PCAE - Perpich Center for Arts Education - MN state
organization / school - h.s. level"

KevanN says, "There might be funding available through them"

KevanN says, "or at least facility usage"

JaniceEK says, "Maybe I could approach Dade County School System (Miami,

AnnaCM says, "Hi, sue. We are discussing a proposal for the Peace Quilt

AnnaCM says, "We need support in different areas of the country."

JaniceEK says, "The arts are strong here in Miami."

AnnaCM says, "Maybe we could approach state NAEA presidents."

KevanN says, "The Art Educators of MN might also be interested in
helping to support / promote this among its members"

BJB . o O ( and in Canada )

BJB says, "I'll contact the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and see
what I can come up with"

AnnaCM asks, "Once we obtain funding we can publicize heavily in the
state newsletters. Should we co-author an article for the NAEA

KevanN exclaims, "sounds like an excellent idea!"

JaniceEK says, "This is has to be publicized..especially in this is a necessity.."

AnnaCM says, "I've already spent two weeks on the peace unit at our
school. We're interviewing and videotaping a local artist who used
peace imagery."

KevanN says, "lots of tangent groups should want to come on board -
peace groups, multi-cultural groups, art teachers, artists,
cross-curricular interests....."

KevanN says, "we could even get a hold of some of the peace initiatives
that I included in my last article that were working on their own peace

AnnaCM says, "I noticed that there is a group in Nebraska who completed
an international quilt with an international theme."

AnnaCM says, "They will be presenting at NAEA in the spring along with
us. I did send in a proposal."

KevanN exclaims, "well, if they can do that in Nebraska this should be
a shoe in!"

AnnaCM says, "They are one of the Getty affiliates."

KevanN says, "Contacting people on the Getty listserv would also help -
particularly Judy Decker"

AnnaCM says, "I need to finalize the budget before we can submit it.
Any thoughts on the budget."

KevanN says, "I wish I knew what real dollars actually covered for
something like this..."

JaniceEK says, "Judy has a lot of info for peace projects...(lessons,

BJB says, "should Getty be contacted? I've posted several times to the
getty list and sent info to Judy Decker"

AnnaCM asks, "Its time to divy up tasks, form committees, etc. Yes,
they should be contacted. Should Kevan contact the museums?"

JaniceEK says, "I did too...not much response"

BJB says, "Judy is willing to support the project...she's just not
comfortable with online real time communiciation"

BJB asks, "can you go over where you think we should start, Anna?"

AnnaCM says, "I want to look at funding agencies that support technology
projects, such as CILT."

AnnaCM says, "The Getty may have funded the Nebraska project, and they
have been working with that group for years, soo..."

KevanN says, "I can look into finding some grant sources for this as
well. I compiled a list of grant resources last year that might be

BJB asks, "did we want to get a proposal letter written first that we
can send out?"

KevanN says, "That would be very helpful"

AnnaCM says, "The NAEA project grants will be due, I think, October 1.I"

JaniceEK says, "I also have some grant resources...a consistent proposal
letter would be good"

KevanN says, "Short time frame but doable"

AnnaCM says, "Some funding agencies have a set format, you can download
their format from their web sites."

KevanN says, "I will definitely contact the Walker and the Mpls.
Institute of Art"

AnnaCM says, "We have a couple of foundation program officers on the
EMIG lists, and I know one that I think would work with us."

KevanN says, "There is also a great grant source called SchoolGrants
that can be contacted at"

AnnaCM asks, "So... how do we decide which funding source to go with?"

KevanN says, "They sell an interactive CD that helps with the contaxts
and the writing"

KevanN says, "Maybe we need to send out the letter and see who bites..."

JaniceEK says, "What is the name of this interactive CD"

KevanN says, "SchoolGrants' Let's Write a Grant"

KevanN says, "Donna Fernandez who sends out updates from SchoolGrants
can be contacted at"

AnnaCM asks, "Do you think we will get support from the NAEA state
organizations other than those we represent?"

KevanN says, "I think since there is a new NAEA president, this might be
very appealing to him as a new initiative."

AnnaCM says, "Yes, I think he likes the idea. I got a personal letter
from MacArther Goodwin asking me to present our initiatives to the NAEA
board in Miami."

KevanN says, "Very cool! He visited our board in the summer when he was
in Mpls."

KevanN exclaims, "Seems like a very nice person!"

JaniceEK asks, "Is MacARther Goodwin in Miami now?"

AnnaCM asks, "Sooo.. janice,how will we contact you?"

JaniceEK says, "Email"

AnnaCM says, "His office is at the Governor's school in Greenville, SC"

AnnaCM asks, "We are using two list serves to publicize our ventures.
EMIG and PAARTS. Are you a member of either?"

JaniceEK says, "No...only Getty."

BJB says, "I've been posting to Getty also"

BJB [to Janice]: "do you want the url for the EMIG list?"

JaniceEK exclaims, "Yes...I heard about this through you!"

BJB . o O ( or the PAarts list? )
JaniceEK says, "Yes, I would like the url for the EMIG list"

KevanN says, "If I can get the AEM Board to support the initiative,
perhaps our webmaster can provide a link on AEM's website to

AnnaCM says, "the EMIG URL is"

AnnaCM says, "We need to think about where to place the web page. We
might use Cedarnet, which is the EMIG site, but if we need a lot of tech
support, we may need to find a university or business that can take it
on for us."

AnnaCM says, "I can e-mail it tonight. The lesson materials are
separate, and I'm wondering if they should be submitted with the
proposal. Perhaps the proposal could just describe the materials."

BJB asks, "what about SchoolArts magazine?"

KevanN ..ands Scholastic.

AnnaCM says, "Well, they will support us. Wade Wyatt (Davis CEO) is on
our list."

AnnaCM says, "They are always asking for articles."

KevanN says, "I would offer to promote this on, but
there are problems with age appropriate material on that site."

AnnaCM says, "I am always overcommitted, so I'm hoping we can get enough
funds to be able to pay for help. I have a VERY busy school year."

JaniceEK says, "Me too...doing National Certification...Phd...geez...but
this seemed too good to pass up"

AnnaCM says, "That's always a problem for us.... Someone said the arts
should be protected with a ring of fire so the naive and unprepared
wouldnot venture in unaware..."

AnnaCM says, "Right. I dream up ideas, talk about them, and there I am,

KevanN exclaims, "that's what makes it exciting Anna!"

BJB asks, "so...where are we at this point?"

JaniceEK asks, "Getting funded??"

BJB says, "Anna is going to send us a proposal letter..."

AnnaCM asks, "I need to mail the proposal, who will draft the letter?"

KevanN says, "Timing on that is important"

BJB says, "we are going to contact different organizations to seek

AnnaCM says, "There are details that are contingent, so I need feedback
on the details of the proposal, the revise and submit."

KevanN says, "I can draft the letter given the necessary nuts and bolts"

KevanN exclaims, "I am a secretary after!"

AnnaCM says, "OK. Do we need another meeting here/"

GeorgeEl has arrived.
GeorgeEl's personal recorder (recording) has arrived.
BJB [HelpDesk] wave welcome to George

JaniceEK says, "Of course...."

KevanN says, "I think that might be a good idea - even monthly"

KevanN says, "hi George"

AnnaCM says, "George, I'm glad to see you made it."

JaniceEK says, "I definitly think we should meet touch

KevanN says, "at least until this gets off the ground"

BJB says, "I already have the first Thursday reserved for ArtsSites
ASOs...we can continue this topic if that's ok"

AnnaCM says, "We have been discussing the proposal, which I will e-mail
tonight. We are also discussing funding."

BJB . o O ( October 4th is the next meeting date )

AnnaCM says, "I found that personal e-mail invitations bring in
participants... I didn't have time to do it for this session"

JaniceEK says, "I would like to get moving on something definitive
before October 4th..."

KevanN says, "I will get a draft copy of the letter done..."

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to Janice..we can keep in touch with email..or the
EMIG list

JaniceEK says, "I'll try to work on some funding here in Miami"

JaniceEK says, "I'm excited about this project..looking forward to
talking again.."

KevanN says, "it is a marvellous project - thanks Anna"

AnnaCM says, "Well, thank all of you for helping to get it off the

BJB . o O ( we can also meet here informally whenever we want )

BJB [to Janice]: "yes, I can send you an edited script"

JaniceEK asks, "If something comes up..before Oct.....BJB..can I contact

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to Janice you can email me any

AnnaCM says, " or"

AnnaCM says, "Thanks for everying, and I'll see you soon."