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Re: drawing curriculum


From: vicki ranck (vranck_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 06:30:50 PDT

hello marcia,
i teach the human face to my 6th graders. this is the outline i follow:
first i have them draw a human face to the best of their ability. then on a
new sheet, me at the board, i begin to walk them through the facial
proportions. i teach them like this (others will do it differently) i tell
them to always start with the eye (everything will be based on the eye
length) i have them look at each other and tell them that basically
(generically) the eye is shaped like a football, this is something they have
a symbol for in their heads. it doesn't matter which eye they start with but
draw a football shape. then i have them go ahead and draw the other eye,
which i tell them is 1 eyelength apart from the first eye they drew. an eye
length being from outside to inside corner. once they have this i have them
draw the iris; i get into how it is only a full circle if the person is
either scared or surprised. so approximately a rounded "U" shape. then they
draw another circle inside the iris for the pupil, leaving a little wedge
out of it (sort of like a pac man) the pupil is always black, i get into how
it is actually a hole that grows larger with less light and smaller with
bright light. then i have them shade the iris, light for blue, darker for
green or hazel and dark for brown. i leave the eyebrows for later, but you
could put them on now if you like, just remind them that the hair grows up
and out not in tight little we map off where the nose will
go. approximately 1 1/2 to 2 eyelengths from the center of the eyes. and as
wide as the inside corners of the eyes. then i show them different shapes of
noses which i explain to them in terms of being 2 parenthesis and a wavy
handlebar. next is the divit (sp?) or the space under the nose i tell them
it is appx. the same size as the iris. indicated with two light lines for are the lips, which are appx. as wide as the pupils (i have them
put two little marks to guide them, one of the things they do is either make
the lips really tiny or as wide as the face???) then is discuss and draw for
them different types of lips up on the board, but generically drawn they are
two sets of mountains and a crater. i go into lots of detail about how the
upper and lower lips can change thickness/thiness and shape, even the little
"v" on the upper lip can be more like an inverted arch...Now, we measure one
eyelength and that takes us to the bottom of the chin. just a dot or mark
for now, then we do the side of the head,(i was always taught that the face
was 5 eyelengths wide, which would mean that the sides of the head would be
1 eyelength from the outer corner of the eye. but this always seems visually
too wide. so i tell them about a 1/2 an eyelength will do, place 2 dots for
now. finally the top of the head ( this will freak them out and you'll get a
lot of "no ways", but this is the truth: the eyes are in the middle of the
head, so i have them measure from the eyes to the chin mark and then take
that measurement and measure from the eyes to the top of the head, make a
mark. now connect the marks to shape a head, again faces, before
you lose them to thinking they've drawn an alien, point out that the hair
line is appx. 2 eyelengths from the eyes and have them draw that in and
discuss different hair types and the nature of hair that is it grows up and
out and over. then you can discuss the shape of ears and where they fall on
the head; basically they fall between the eyes and the bottom of the nose.
then finally talk about shading on the face since it's not a flat surface.
also talk about the shape of the neck (not two straight lines like a robot)
and the distance of the shoulders.(about a head's width on each side.)
i hope this helps a bit.
vicki in tn.

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