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HS clean-up time

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Larry Seiler (
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 20:01:35 -0600

Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 17:54:43 CDT
From: "Deb Mortl" <dmortl>
Subject: HS clean-up time

Hi - does anyone know some good ways to get high schoolers to clean up
better after painting class? We have 50 minute classes, two sinks, and
everyone scrambling to get out of there before the bell rings.

What I do start at one end of a row of the seating chart
determined by a flip of the coin, and each day the next student is the
"cleaning supervisor." Since there are about 24 students in the class....I
have no philosophical problems with a student once every five weeks
sacrificing a full period to do this task. They oversee students taking
paint...making sure covers go back on paint jars when the last student
takes their paint. Making sure any paint on the floor gets wiped up.

I don't tell them that this student is the one that gets stuck doing the
cleaning, but it is their job to pay attention to whom makes what mess and
point out that the mess needs cleaning up. If this mess is not taken care
of...then ultimately, they will have to clean it themselves.

They are responsible for keeping the sink clean, things put back in neat
order...etc; They also keep an eye on the clock, remind certain groups to
start clean-up first....then the next, and finally the last.

Believe me...they are good at letting me and everyone know who's turn it is
the next day!

Larry Seiler
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