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Re: Organizing supplies, new furniture, stools....

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Fran Marze (
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 16:33:06 -0500 (EST)

I love all the tales about getting things for the art room. This is my 6th
year teaching art in a high school and I have been on a redecorating
The first year three of us went to the storage school in our district and
found numerous items. I found what must have been a library cart for an
elementary school. It has two shelves on each side and a great laminated
top. It stores classroom sets of books, such as Discovering ARt History.
THe top can be used to display books, etc. it is on wheels, too. We also
found the mother lode when the library was totally renovated. I had to beg
bigtime but got the old library tables, cranberry counter tops that I put
in work orders to have installed. They line the front of the room for the
six computers, scanner, printers we have. I traded my multi colored
cafeteria chairs to get all blue ones to have some continuity. THis summer
I had help and painted the bulletin boards in the room blue. This is
especially funny as a substitute teacher came down to ask me if she could
have some of that blue paper I had on my bulletin boards as she wanted to
decorate some showcases in the science wing! Also from library we all got
those spinning racks; we use them for the Dover series,e tc. of reference
books, the mother lode of National Geo, a wonderful flat file. My
colleague got great metal shelving for her room; In fact we are always oan
the look for something. It's a joke with our vice principal but our rooms
are looking very nice and it's almost all from recyled stuff from
elsewhere. WE also spray paint anything that doesn't go with our decor
until it does! We think that students take better care of the place now
that it looks nicer. I have to tell them of all our bowing and scraping
and whining. They laugh. Oh, yes, we also have saved supermarket receipts
to get our own TV, VCR, small copier, digital camera. I don't have enough
storage but have put in extra half shelves and used every available space.
Now I am waiting for the work orders to be filled to hang a large wooden
drying rack that one of the IA teachers made (painted blue) to use for the
large stretched canvases To get that made, I had to take this guy's cafe
duty during my lunch, but it was worth it.I also like carts for moving
around supplies. One thing I did to keep student work is to purchase those
red rope folders. I got the largest size for each class when they do
larger work, the individual ones their smaller work. I cleared two closets
of shelves for the placing of each classes work to be graded and work that
has been graded. It's helping with the "lost" stuff.

My more organized colleague has ordered bins of all sizes to label and
sort those smaller items.

Well more on this later. Keep those ideas coming. Fran