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RE: portfolio ideas and computer lessons

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Herrmann, Kathy (KtHerrman)
Sat, 30 Oct 1999 11:03:20 -0500

It seems as though time could be put to better use than "decorating"
portfolios. If it's matter of finding an activity for those who finish
early there are a couple of books to consider. Reading Pictures-
Self-Teaching Activities in Art by Lucy D. Rosenfeld consists of 50
exercises dealing with a variety of topics that could be photocopied and
used as critical thinking activities. There is also a teaching guide to
accompany the text for use in whole class discussions. Another one to
consider is Journey into Art by Seonaid L. McArthur, it's a Dale Seymour
Publication. This takes student's on a journey through the Art Institute of
Chicago and could again be used for some individual as well as whole class
work. The work students do on these activities could be compiled in a
notebook and possible lead to studio projects to be worked on when regular
assignments are completed. I'd sure want to put my energy into something
other than the front of a portfolio.

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From: Beth Goodwin [SMTP:bgood]
Sent: Saturday, October 30, 1999 10:40 AM
Subject: portfolio ideas and computer lessons

Dear artsednetters;
I'm hoping some of you experienced teachers can give me some
direction in these two areas. This is my first year, middle school, classes
change every nine weeks, and there isn't any written curriculum. So... I'm
trying to see what works, how best to organize, etc. etc . etc. First, do
you have any ideas about drawings, work, etc. that students can do on
portfolios. We use them to store some things in progess, but also as
something to work on when they are finished with a project early or we have
shortened class period for one reason or another. (And boy are there a lot
of them, aren't there?) The previous teacher and the other current one made
a major deal out of this and would make them work almost the whole first
week on their portfolios. To me, it seems just like busywork. I've decided
that letting them do what they want is not an option this nine weeks as I
have had my fill of KORN, 'NSync, Limp Bizkit, and I Love Brandon. I've
thought about lettering on one side(their name, school, grade ?) and
dividing the other side into sections (maybe 15) and giving each grade a
theme and requiring a different drawing in that theme in each section. For
instance, cartoons/animation, trees, holidays. I don't know - I need some
advice on what will work, be worthwhile, and not just wasted time. I am at
the same time trying to set up some learning centers for those who are done
early, but as I'm sure you know takes a lot of time and this would tide me
over until those are ready.
Second request: If you could take students to the computer lab for
only 1 or 2 days each nine weeks, what would you have them do? I haven't
seen the other teacher do anything like this, but there is no class period
for computer lab for the students. Although there are a few computers in
each class room (not art), most do not get to use them. I've thought about
a virtual museum ??visit. We may be able to get a paint/draw program for
next year, but for now ??? Any ideas ??? Thanks for any help you can give.
I am really enjoying reading all your correspondence and investigating the
web sites you recommend. Beth.