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Re: 5th grade problems..any solutions?

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HP Authorized Customer (KATHALEEN_KERN)
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 06:37:48 -0700

my suggestion would also be weaving. I had a class recently which was 50%
hyper and very disruptive even during slide presentation. I cancelled the
self portraits planned and went to the weaving. The process seemed to calm
kathy, wi
> From: gregjuli
> To: Kathy Tickner <>
> Cc: 'Stephanie Ignazio' <smi>; artsed
> Subject: Re: 5th grade problems..any solutions?
> Date: Thursday, October 28, 1999 3:18 PM
> And the project was weaving , which really surprised me.
> It isn't just this one instant that makes me feel this way , but from
> lessons that I have found have calmed the savage beast... sort of speak.
> it work all the time? Definitely not, but you never know what you might
> on to that will work.
> MaryB
> Kathy Tickner wrote:
> > Stephanie,
> > I think bringing in something "special" like a 3-d project, is
> > them for bad behavior and negative attitudes. I have been an art
teacher for
> > k-8 for twelve years, and it doesn't matter what age, bad attitudes
> > be "cured" by providing more expensive, enthralling, creative art
> > That just gives them license to be more destructive, hence heightening
> > frustration. First and foremost your students need to realize that
> > controlled behavior is of utmost importance, not their perception of
> > the art room should be! The art experience becomes fun, because
> > have developed intrinsic self-control, not teacher-led control through
> > "entertainment and pizazz!" I would keep your projects simple, but
> > interesting, using positive reinforcement through the "caught being
> > system" Lots, and Lots of positive comments about kids with the good
> > behavior, and don't hesitate for a minute to quietly whisper into the
> > with the bad behavior that they will be doing some "time" with you
> > their lunch or recess. Whispering in their ear is very powerful,
because it
> > gets the point across, without making the other kids feel intimidated,
> > no kid that I have ever met likes when a teacher gets that
> > violates their "space" and looks uncool!
> > I hope you think of something without increasing your frustration and
> > workload.
> > Kathy Tickner
> > Byron School District (near Bay Area, CA)
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> > From: Stephanie Ignazio [smi]
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> > Subject: 5th grade problems..any solutions?
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> > Hi everyone. I am having what I like to call " A DAY ". Problem is one
of my
> > fifth grades. One class is super...well, not Super with a capital
> > can work in small groups, can listen to one another..most of the time,
> > etc....the other is a handful, have really bad attitudes, waste lots of
> > and I am at a loss for what to do. I am thinking of taking the approach
> > bringing an interesting project to the table and seeing if the
materials can
> > motivate them. My thought is 3D...any interesting ideas out there...and
> > please send me some "coping vibes" for now!!! thanks...stephanie