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Re: Total Inclusion

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Maggie White (mwhite)
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 19:59:48 -0700

gregjuli wrote:
> HI all,
> Who out there has total inclusion at their school? Our district wants to
> drop our adaptive classes for full inclusion. Will we have assistants?
> I don't know . I haven't had them in the past for LD, ED, and moderate
> CD, but the new group is non-verbal and severely disabled. I personally
> feel that taking away all our adaptive programs will be a loss for our
> severely disabled students and the regular ed students? We have a big
> meeting on this issue this coming week, so I'd like to go with some info
> on what is happening - pros and cons, at other schools.
> MaryB


I'm a big advocate of inclusion _if it's done right_, but this
sounds like a disaster in the making for everyone involved--the
teachers, regular ed students, and especially those disabled
students. How can a teacher with 25-30 students or more meet the
very specialized needs of X numbers of disabled students
adequately, much less teach them anything?! For one thing, most
teachers have very little of the special training it takes to
work with those students. And if the admin says, well, you guys
can just take a class or workshop, that's similar to the
all-too-prevalent idea that anyone can teach art, so why have

These students need very small classes, with special equipment
and tools with which to work. Is the admin going to provide an
aide and equipment for every classroom? Hit 'em in the
pocketbook with that one, as common sense is obviously lacking.

The self-contained teacher at my school does a great job
mainstreaming his students into the classes they can succeed in,
including mine. But he's careful to place compatible pairs or
threesomes in the classes, not dump 'em all in at once. And they
do succeed. Eesh, I'm too busy grinding my teeth over this to
continue writing, but know you'll get more suggestions from the
group. Let us know how things work out.