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Re: administration frustration

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Dennis Freeman (freemad)
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 21:27:14 -0600

Your response that involving the kids helps is right on target. First, I am
fortunate to have a room w/ sinks, storage etc...BUT I teach several large
sections of pottery. If I tried to make all the clay, do all the recycling,
make all the glaze, move all the pots to the kiln room, I would not only be
tired & too busy to really work with students, I would also be keeping the
kids from a valuable learning experience. I organize them into work groups
& publish a schedule. Then they do whatever is required that day. At the
beginning of the year I TEACH them how to do these things & make it part of
the curriculum. It works! (Both for functional and learning purposes) As
far as the conflict w/ the admin., I don't have enough knowledge about your
situation to offer advice, but being proactive & creative in solving the
cleanup problem can't hurt! Good luck & keep trying!
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> I teach 2 classes of ceramics with over 30 kids in each. The sink is in
> another room. The way I handle the situation is to use 5 gallon buckets,
> for dirty water, one for clean. I have a water table with the small pails
> that kids use on halloween (i buy them for $.25 a few days after
> I have 3 students on a water team, I use a different team each day, the
> schedule is posted and students on the team get 10pts each time they have
> water duty. They fill the small pails half way with water. after students
> wash their hands they dump the water into the 5 gallon container. I have
> several so that they don't get too full or too heavy, then they go into
> other room to empty and refill. It works well for me, if the students
> do the job, they don't get the points. I also use lots of praise and give
> bonus points for the best team. Its not perfect, but it seems to work
> well.
> susan in michigan