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Re: Project destroyed by classroom teacher

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Sandra Poos (klpoos)
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 20:15:00 -0500

Sorry, but I must vent here. I knew this would be the place to listen
and give advice. I have been upset most of the day since this happened.
Tomorrow is teacher conferences. I started the 6th grades with a study
of Ancient Greece last week. Today we started our paper sculpture
project to make a Greek Temple. Each student was given a 9X12 piece of
cardboard for the base. I gave them two 9X12 sheets of paper to
paper-fold accordian style the two columns. The cylinders were glued and
attatched to the cardboard base with lost os glue. We then made the
ionic capitals with 2 4X6 sheets of paper and curled them around a
pencil and attatched to the columns. Next week we will add the pediment
to the top and they will design a motif for the inside. We will then
make people with togas to go inside. A fun project.
Well, the 1st hour 6th grade teacher said"what am I going to do with
these??" I am an art on a cart teacher , with art in the classrooms. I
told her we will find a place to let them dry. She was understanding,
somewhat. What else am I do do??? I don't have storage enough for my own
The second class went great and we made the columns and attatched the
ionic capital and put them neatly in the classroom to dry until next
class. I left the class and was beginning to teach a 1st grade next
door, when Mrs. Faller came in and told me " I had the children take
apart the paper sculptures and put them in their lockers, as we have
teacher conferences tomorrow and I didn't want all those sculptures all
over the room. I was furious!!!1 We only have 40 minutes for art anyway.
She doesn't seem to put any value in art, and I am sure the kids
percived it that way too. I told here, we will have to redo what you
made them destroy today and that I didn't appreciate what she had done.
What they did today was a learning process and the process isn't done
yet!! I talked to the principal and she said she would talk to her. The
state wants us to teach sculpture to the kids, and we get this from
ignorant teachers. What would you have said or done???? I can tell she
has little use for art. She should have told me of her intentions and I
WOULD have found a place in that school for all the paper sculptures to
dry until next week. It makes me mad to think that all that time was
wasted and we have to redo this over again. I really HATE this classroom
teacher and her attitude. What can we do about tachers like this?? And
to completely destroy an art project that took 40 minutes to do, and the
kids were proud of their work too!!!
Thanks for listening!!! I am still mad!!
Sandy Poos- Cahokia Dist #187 1st- 6th (on a cart ech!!!!)