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Re: Talking quiet

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LM Paris (paris)
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 20:27:38 -0400


I cant yell over the top of my students because it makes my throat hurt by
the end of the day and many of them dont hear me anyway, because they are
still not listening. However, I also cannot hold them after the bell if
they are not cleaned up. I try warning them that in one minute I will
need their attention and that they all have to be in their seats and
looking at me for directions before they are allowed to clean up. (I do
the warning loudly if needed, or flash the lights to get their attention.)
They know I am not giving them a pass and they need to be cleaned up to
leave. This is helping me to use a quieter voice at the end of class. I
find myself able to talk quieter while demonstrating/reviewing in the
beginning of class and raising my voice a bit, later in class. I am making
a concious effort to find other ways to get their attention....and it can
be difficult! I am not a quiet person, but am working on it.


Jackie Aust wrote:

> Just yesterday I proved my point in class that I could not talk quiet.
> I yell only to get their attention and then I lower my voice. Hey, the
> coach blows the whistle and so on. I just raise my voice. My students
> ask why I have to yell. Yesterday I began giving instructions on
> cleaning up, those that were not talking heard me, those that didn't,
> were still in seat when bell rang.. They said they did not hear me give
> the instructions, I replied, I didn't yell because you always tell me I
> am too loud. I proved my point.
> Jackie