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administration frustration

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Aaron and Jennifer (THEGREEN99)
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 17:12:10 -0400

I remember awhile ago there some ideas flying around about classroom
management. One of the pieces of advice was to do a "fun" project. So, I
tried it, cautiously. We are doing some papier mache stuff, which makes
quite a mess. The kids are relaxing and having fun. These are the first few
days with working with this material. Unfortunately, the students need to
learn how to clean up after themselves. They get dirty to work, but want to
clean themselves up right away. I don't have a sink in my room. I have to
walk down to the janitor's closet to fetch a pail of water. It gets rather
time-consuming - walking back and forth.
In any case, I sent only two students down to wash their hands and clean
out buckets. I wouldn't let others go until the original two came back which
took nearly twenty minutes! (It should have taken five at most.) So I had to
shuffle myself between the classroom and the janitor's closet while trying
to clean up and get ready for lunch. With a minute to spare, the principal
sends back a student who I sent down for a bucket of clean water. She told
me I could no longer send students back and forth because it caused too much
of a ruckus. I was so angry I couldn't speak! What am I supposed to do?
Bring a hose?! There was a security guard watching the halls; he is paid to
do that. I can understand how I am at fault. However, I will not take all of
the blame. I feel like my hands are tied. I get in trouble because I am
sending too many referrals and too many petty problems. So I try and change
things up a bit and I get in trouble because I don't have the resources I
need! Argh!
The thing that gets me is that I am the only one in the building that
she basically "picks" on. I have no idea why. When I confront her about it,
she is like peaches and cream. I feel like I am the one with the stick up my
butt! My staff tells me to be patient - she is new and learning the system.
I feel like the only I thing I have going for me is that some of the school
board members like what I am doing. (Of course, it was the lady with the
mixed-matched shoes and the guy who looks like Captain Lou Albano.)
I think tomorrow I will "teach" the students how to clean up. Other
students from other classes have offered to come in and clean for me. They
feel it is unfair that I have to clean up after others. (Made me smile for a
moment...) But I think those who make the mess, clean the mess. Hopefully
this way I won't have her jumping down my back. The janitor had some
compliants, too, but he was very cordial about it. (I think he doesn't want
to upset me; I mop my floor - doing his job.) I apologized to the janitor
and explained that it was the first day using the material. It is always the
messiest. He was very understanding, too, unlike the principal.
Is this a lost issue with the principal? Or is it a prime opportunity to
drop hints about having some art room basics like a large storage closet and
some kind of sink or water system? Should I just log this in the back of my
mind for future reference? What do you all think?

Jennifer in Michigan

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