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Re: talk quiet

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LM Paris (paris)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 19:24:42 -0400

I have been starting class with everyone in their supplies. Same
thing I did with the Middle school last year. I stand ....and wait, quietly for
their attention. I originally explain that I will talk when they are quiet and
when I am done talking they have the rest of class to do their work and by me
waiting they are wasting their own studio time. I was teaching in block
scheduling last year and was worried what this "wait time" would do to a 46 min.
class period....but it keeps getting better! They actually seem to get more done
than if I dont talk in the beginning.

Today, the student who usually causes some of the biggest distractions in class
saw my dramatic waiting...if there is such a thing. He decided to draw
attention to himself, as usual...but this time it helped me because he yelled,
"Quiet everybody, Ms. Paris is trying to talk!!!!" Then he turned his attention
on me. He got the attention and laughs and I GOT TO TALK!

I truly do the "all pencils down and all eyes on me" if I have something
important to tell them in the middle of class. I think it works because I joke
with them so much they dont feel offended by this elementary school tactic. more thing that can save a ton of headaches is counting by
five's...every five seconds of yours they waste they have to make up at the END
of class...AFTER THE BELL! It works really well at clean up time. If they are
ALL cleaned up and in their seats I count the seconds starting before the bell.
And yes...the whole class waits. This gets them to tell each other to stop

Again...not going to work for everyone, but it might for some....


ricki fromkin wrote:

> Donald Peters wrote:
> >
> > If you talk in a quiet voice, they
> > >will be quiet to hear you.
> >
> > I don't know where or who you teach, but if you are working with
> > minority/poverty students, this approach WILL NOT WORK. Trust me.
> Speaking of ideas of getting your students to listen and pay
> attention...any suggestions on getting HS kids to be quiet. Flipping
> the light on and off helps, but was wondering what else some of you
> might be doing.
> Ricki