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Re: Chaperoning disaster

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Aaron and Jennifer (THEGREEN99)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 16:42:36 -0400

Ugh. Chaperoning. We went on a field trip today to watch a dance company
perform. For many of our students, a night to the theater means a tub of
popcorn and some Mike-N-Ikes. A lady stepped on stage to welcome the crowd.
The student in front of me, said "Shut the f*** up b****!". Thankfully he
did not say it loud enough for too many people to hear it. I was constantly
telling students to quiet down and to refrain from laughing. I am more angry
with our principal than with the students. I can't give them all the blame
because they have never been taught proper theater "etiquette", let alone
any kind of manners. I feel our principal should have organized the trip a
little better and a least give the students a heads up on what behavior was
As for intoxicated students, that is an everyday fiasco for us. It looks
like students are getting the message some what. They at least don't show up
to school when they are high.

Jennifer in Michigan
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Date: Sunday, October 24, 1999 8:22 PM
Subject: Chaperoning disaster

>Dear Arties:
>One of my "other" duties was to chaperone the homecoming dance. It was
>yesterday. Three of our students came in reeking of alcohol. All of the
>other teacher chaperones said, "Did you smell that?" But not one stopped
>kids. So I went to the advisor (and I use the term loosely) and she said
>what do I want to do about it???!!! I was furious! These "children" are
> It turns out that they were at a restaurant and were served there. That's
>another story ... any other students would be expelled from school. We are
>private institution. And this advisor lets all of their friends come in
>room to "console them" Like the were hurt in an accident or something,
>we waited for their parents to show up.
>I'm sorry I'm venting, But I would like to know what happens at your
>I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.