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Re: world wrestling??

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Aaron and Jennifer (THEGREEN99)
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 19:01:30 -0400

I am not sure what it is with wrestling today. I know my husband is
deeply following it - as much as I allow because I won't get cable. I will
admit I used to watch it with him until the show started having male
wrestlers beat up women. What in the world were those writers thinking?! And
the language is less than desirable. I try to keep up on the drama - so I
have something to talk about with the kids. I always drop my disapproval
over the reasons the wrestlers fight. I try to help the kids see how silly
the wrestling really is. Without parents watching the show with their kids,
the kids get the idea that fighting is okay among the other antics that
happen on the show. Then the schools are left to call the parents to let
them know their child is in the hospital because Little Johnny tried to do a
drop kick he saw on wrestling last night during recess.

Jennifer in Michigan
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Subject: Re: world wrestling??

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> << I don't see my boys drinking water very much-usually they have
> Mountain Dew. Linda in NC
> You missed my point, Linda, that whatever the source we all drink from
> > > Has to be the water - something we all drink.
> >>
> The reason floated at my school is the World Wrestling Federation show,
> to promote violence and rudeness, and little boys watch and emulate. >>
>It just so happens that today I spent some of my lunch period gazing out of
>the window at the students on the playground. There is so much pushing and
>shoving and "karate kicking" going on! It is in fun, most of the
>I am not sure it is the television violence and world wrestling that some
>blaming. Even on my way TO school, the kids waiting for their busses in
>groups were "punching" each other however playfully EVERYwhere I looked!
>our children starved for just more physical contact? As I passed my own
>daughter in the hallway this afternoon, I gave her a quick kiss on the
>forehead. The three others gathered there just looked on, used to this.
>Something compelled me to quickly hug and kiss each and every one of them,
>and they all just beamed and grinned (these are FOURTH graders, too)!
>Post-it notes of encouragement? Okay. Try a hug or a kiss (if you are
>allowed at your school) or a gentle shoulder touch. We need to touch. We
>need to feel. Try it.
>Desperately ran out to buy another goldfish so Goldene had someone to rub
>fins with!