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WWF wrestling, Suck it?

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Sat, 23 Oct 1999 14:03:41 EDT

Prior to becomming an educator I was employed by the World Wrestling
federation as a still photographer, prior to that I trained in martial arts
and collegiate wrestling since I was a kid. These days there is just as much
violence in NBA basketball. The steroid rage has been going on in NFL
football since the 70's and is more evidiently in use today than ever. Since
the beginnig of time man has competed in contests of strength and endurance.
Kids from all decades used to play fight or wrestle, it is part of human
nature. Many old timers have given up on pro wrestling because the showman
side of pro wrestling has become very sleezy. At one time in history pro
wrestling was a competative sport based on skill and strenght. The downfall
was no one paid to see it. It wasn't until the bosses realized that if they
"worked" (fixed) the matches, the matches themselves would become more
entertaining and thus sell more tickets. Today pro wrestling is centered
around vulagarity and sexuall overtones, basically because otherwise the
wrestling business was heading for doom once the Hulk Hogan cartoon era
faded. It bothers me a lot when I hear the youngsters mimick the WWF catch
phrase "Suck IT". At least when I was a kid I could admire men like Bruno
Sammartino and Bob Backlund, pro wrestlers who stood for decency and promoted
what wrestling really is: desire, dedication, and discipline. Professional
wrestlers are the worlds greatest athletes. Wrestlers collegiate or
professional have to train harder than any other group of athletes. I am
just sorry what the children learn from watching "action " on television
appears to adults as violence. Children really could benefit from more
discipline in their lives. Children raised in homes from asian cultures have
a lot more discipline in their lives than those of american homes.

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