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Jerry Vilenski (jvilensk)
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 21:46:10 -0700

I teach a number of paper mache projects to my elementary students that
would be easily adaptable to middle school-aged students. Most involve
recycled ingredients, and cost very little to produce in mass

Paper mache mirrors: Go down to a glass shop and ask them to save you
mirror scraps. Many do not recycle these because of the expense. Some
may even sand edges so as not to cut students. Attach the mirror scrap
to a piece of foamcore and cut an interesting geometric or decorative
frame around the mirror. Paper mache the whole thing, leaving the
mirror untouched. Paint and decorate with found objects, old costume
jewelry, beads, seashells, etc.

Paper mache masks: I use plasic mask forms for these, but any wadded up
newsprint in a face shape should work. Glue strips of scrap paper ( I
use paper trimmings)on the form, alternating the directions of the
strips as you go. Ten coats of strips is enough to make a stiff
laminated mask form. Then build up face parts by using wadded up and
glue-saturated toilet paper(swiped from the janitors closet). This acts
just like clay and sticks well to the surface of mask. Paint and
decorate. Great way to introduce a cultural lesson here.

Paper mache candlesticks: These can be very cool, and are made with
recycled everything. Build candlesticks from toilet paper rolls with a
paper or plastic cup as a base to hold the whole thing up. Add lids,
large beads, old markers, dowels or whatever you have laying around to
add variation to the candlestick. Add wire or sticks or fomecore for
handles and tape the whole mess together. Glue with paper strips (Paper
trimmings again)or paper towels, paint and decorate.

Drape mold paper mache: This is an interesting variation on drape mold
pottery. Gather a bunch of different sized plastic bowls, apply
vaseline for a releasing agent and drape mold scrap paper or newsprint
dipped in glue. These make great bowls or containers and can even be
made with hand-made paper pulp.

Hope this helps,