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Re: life size and body wraps

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ricki fromkin (fromkinr)
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 21:40:30 -0400

Virginia Rockwood wrote:
> Each year I do full body plaster gauze mummy cases only with the classes
> that are interested. I ask for volunteers, and send a note home with them,
> so parents are aware of it. We do the body in parts and "bandaid" them
> together afterwards. It can be really scary to be plastered up. I ask the
> kids to wear shorts and t-shirts, lie them on a table, and tape and tuck in
> plastic bags around the body. We do the front (neck to feet) in one class
> (girls can only plaster girls, boys boys.) We do the back in another class.
> The head is done in a third class (front and back). Sometimes the head
> belongs to another person. then we trim the edges, fill the body parts with
> crumpled newspaper, and bandaid the 4 parts together with more plaster
> strips. Then paint.
> The biggest problem is who gets to take them home at the end of the year. We
> have mummy cases that are decorating various rooms in the school that are 5
> years old.
> Ginny
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> > Your advice is priceless- this is just why I asked the listserv for
> > something I have no experience with. I want to do the body casting thing
> > rather than the other you described. I was just afraid that the wrapped
> > bodies would need some kind of armature to hold them together.
> > Michelle
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> >This sounds pretty neat. I was wondering, though. My experience with the
> >plaster guaze that you wet and wrap is that it DRIES FAST and disposable
> >clothes or no, what if someone kind of gets "stuck" in this stuff when it
> >hardens?? How to ensure that the groups of kids know how thick to wrap and
> >no one over in the corner starts hardening before disrobing! I think I will
> >let Michelle do it first, report back, and THEN I'll try! :)
> >Keep me informed!!
> >MP
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How do you get the forms off of your kids when it dries?