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Re: firing kiln

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LynnMarie Paris (paris)
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 21:38:17 -0400

I had a heat detector in a kiln room and the same thing happened anyway...It
went off 10 minutes after I left school that evening. The fire trucks and
everyone came rolling in and I heard about it the next day. They also had to
replace the heat detector the next day...I think they are only good for one

If they install a heat detector by your kiln be sure they do not to it directly,
or even diagonally, above the kiln. I had BRAND NEW classroom (2 years old)
with ventilation and kiln room built into the plans. It was not fool proof
either. However, a heat detector would most likely be better.

The part I found ironic is that after the detector went off they wanted my to
prop my door to the kiln room open while I was firing so the heat would not
build up in the room. I thought the whole purpose of having a door that shut
automatically to the kiln room was to keep both fire and fumes in the room.
There was a larger hood for the fan sitting in the closet for 2 1/2 years that
they kept saying they would put on...wouldnt it have made more sense to put the
proper hood on so the ventilation would work better? Oh well....

Good luck.


DeDeRuss wrote:

> Hopefully someone can help me.......I fired the kiln yesterday with
> greenware....and about 7 hrs into firing (at 3:05 pm. the kids were being
> dismissed to buses and cars!!) our smoke detector went off and set the fire
> alarms howling, promptly sending out the fire trucks to the school!!! This
> is the first time this has happened and I am not sure why it happened now.
> There was no detected smoke at all and I had the fan above the kiln going the
> whole time. It is the first firing of the year and our building manager said
> maybe there was "accumulated dust" which set it off. The fire marshal
> recomended that we remove the smoke detector near the kiln and install a
> "heat detector" instead. What do you think??....has anyone ever had this
> problem in past??? (and to colleague at school----stop
> laughing!!! :) ) Thanks in advance for any suggestions. DeDe
> (I want to fire again next week, but am really apprensive)