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Re: life size and body wraps

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Virginia Rockwood (wckdstpm)
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 19:19:17 -0400

Each year I do full body plaster gauze mummy cases only with the classes
that are interested. I ask for volunteers, and send a note home with them,
so parents are aware of it. We do the body in parts and "bandaid" them
together afterwards. It can be really scary to be plastered up. I ask the
kids to wear shorts and t-shirts, lie them on a table, and tape and tuck in
plastic bags around the body. We do the front (neck to feet) in one class
(girls can only plaster girls, boys boys.) We do the back in another class.
The head is done in a third class (front and back). Sometimes the head
belongs to another person. then we trim the edges, fill the body parts with
crumpled newspaper, and bandaid the 4 parts together with more plaster
strips. Then paint.

The biggest problem is who gets to take them home at the end of the year. We
have mummy cases that are decorating various rooms in the school that are 5
years old.


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>Subject: Re: life size and body wraps
>Date: Wed, Oct 20, 1999, 10:40 PM

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> Your advice is priceless- this is just why I asked the listserv for
> something I have no experience with. I want to do the body casting thing
> rather than the other you described. I was just afraid that the wrapped
> bodies would need some kind of armature to hold them together.
> Michelle
> >>
>This sounds pretty neat. I was wondering, though. My experience with the
>plaster guaze that you wet and wrap is that it DRIES FAST and disposable
>clothes or no, what if someone kind of gets "stuck" in this stuff when it
>hardens?? How to ensure that the groups of kids know how thick to wrap and
>no one over in the corner starts hardening before disrobing! I think I will
>let Michelle do it first, report back, and THEN I'll try! :)
>Keep me informed!!