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Re: hopelessness (was: 2-pt. perspective)

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Maggie White (mwhite)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 19:46:51 -0700

Aaron and Jennifer wrote:
> I wish we could give our students more of a concrete reason to try and
> stay in school. Exchanging good grades for final exams is a possibility.
> Somehow telling the kids education is a necessity is not working. Our
> students see Joe-Shmoe down the street selling dope with a brand new car and
> no high school education; our students see that as success.

*sigh* We don't have any really flashy dealers here, but when a
kid says he can make more than I make, I point out that I don't
have to keep lookin' over my shoulder as I walk down the street.
Maybe it'll get someone to think. *sigh*

I spend a lot of time in one-on-one conversations with the ones
who feel hopeless. I try to make them realize there _is_ a life
after HS: HS doesn't last forever, even though it seems that way
sometimes (I thought that myself once); one way or the other,
they'll be outta there, either through graduation, dropping out,
or hitting 21 and getting kicked out (I had a 20 year old
freshman last year). Then what? They've got another 50 or 60
years to go; that's a long time to live without a plan...etc.
Sometimes I can get them to a guidance counselor, or an armed
forces recruiter when they visit. At some point you have to cut
your losses and concentrate on the ones who _are_ attending class
and _are_ trying to pass.