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Re: 2-point perspective

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ricki fromkin (fromkinr)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 18:32:09 -0400

Aaron and Jennifer wrote:
> I wish we could give our students more of a concrete reason to try and
> stay in school. Exchanging good grades for final exams is a possibility.
> Somehow telling the kids education is a necessity is not working. Our
> students see Joe-Shmoe down the street selling dope with a brand new car and
> no high school education; our students see that as success. I had a
> discussion with some students about health care. They thought when they
> turned 18 that could automatically get medicade (medicare?). I had to
> explain there was an application process. I don't think our students realize
> that there is a source for welfare and social services. It grows on trees. I
> dunno. If any of you have ideas on how to show students success lays beyond
> the project walls, please send them to me!

Me too. A good example of what's going on was on my local TV station.
They actually showed the HS I teach at, and interviewed some kids
because of low test scores. They were saying (some of the African
American students) that if you do well or try to do well other kids
accuse them of "acting white". I don't know where this comes from and
don't understand how people can actually believe this? What happened to
doing well to achieve self-esteem, success, and all the rest that goes
with it? I gave one of my trouble makers a note to take home, because
she has improved drastically in the last month. I wanted her to feel
proud of her hard work. She did when I gave it to her, but the students
sitting next to her started busting her about being the teachers pet,
and a kiss ass, etc. it really was a shame to hear it.