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Re: 2-point perspective

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Aaron and Jennifer (THEGREEN99)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 16:38:58 -0400

I wish we could give our students more of a concrete reason to try and
stay in school. Exchanging good grades for final exams is a possibility.
Somehow telling the kids education is a necessity is not working. Our
students see Joe-Shmoe down the street selling dope with a brand new car and
no high school education; our students see that as success. I had a
discussion with some students about health care. They thought when they
turned 18 that could automatically get medicade (medicare?). I had to
explain there was an application process. I don't think our students realize
that there is a source for welfare and social services. It grows on trees. I
dunno. If any of you have ideas on how to show students success lays beyond
the project walls, please send them to me!
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Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 11:49 PM
Subject: Re: 2-point perspective

>Our district adopted an "opt out" policy for finals 3 years ago. 3 absences
>and an "A", 2 absences and a "B", and 1 absence with a "C", with parental
>consent, and the student doesn't have to take finals, nor do they even have
>to come to school. Students are now maintaining their grades and watching
>their absences, since they love getting out early! Last spring, we had 12
>students in the building during finals! Our state assessment scores have
>steadely (SP?) risen each year since we began!
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>> Sounds as if someone else has problems with suspensions and absences.
>> the sixth week of classes and already I have students with nine and ten
>> absences. They don't care and neither do the parents. Our absence policy
>is a
>> joke. Up to 30 absences if they have "medical reasons". Don't you get
>> over continuity problems? And then they come in and get in your face and
>> "What did we do when I was out?"
>> I'm afraid I am not usually very nice to some of the darlings. My
>> reply is "Why, sweetie, we just sat and waited until you came back."
>> tell them to wait until the rest of the class is doing what I assigned
>> I can catch them up, I will.
>> vkt