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RE: 2-point perspective

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Fields, Linda (
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 15:15:32 -0400

Even more adorable is the question, "Did we do anything important while
I was gone?" And for me, they usually wait until I'm in the middle of
teaching a lesson to ask this. Linda in NC

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> VKlimTruax wrote:
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> > Sounds as if someone else has problems with suspensions and
> absences. This is
> > the sixth week of classes and already I have students with nine and
> ten
> > absences. They don't care and neither do the parents. Our absence
> policy is a
> > joke. Up to 30 absences if they have "medical reasons". Don't you
> get steamed
> > over continuity problems? And then they come in and get in your face
> and say
> > "What did we do when I was out?"
> > I'm afraid I am not usually very nice to some of the darlings. My
> standard
> > reply is "Why, sweetie, we just sat and waited until you came back."
> Then I
> > tell them to wait until the rest of the class is doing what I
> assigned and if
> > I can catch them up, I will.
> > vkt
> I don't know what to think.. I've never experienced such blatant
> disrespect for everyone and everything as I have with my students over
> the last few weeks. It's truly unbelievable. I'm at a loss for words
> as to what to say about the situation.
> Ricki