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Re: Today in Art Class....religion

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Aaron and Jennifer (THEGREEN99)
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 17:07:32 -0400

I understand where you are coming from. Last semester my classes did a
brief encounter with Buddhism. I explained that some Buddhists do not
believe in making Buddha a human image. (The whole image versus idol thing.)
One student responded that Buddhism was "devil-worship". I was so taken
aback I was speechless. Devil worship?
When will we see each other as people, nothing more, nothing less? I
think unfortunately we are conditioned to create catagories in our minds.
Anything that doesn't fit into a catagory obvisously doesn't belong.
The approach I took after I realized that student actually said that
was, "That is your opinion." And I moved on. I didn't go back and try to
convince the student that she was wrong. It would never happen. Her beliefs
came from home and who am I to disrupt her family's teachings? If we want
our students to be tolerant of others, then we need to show what it means to
be tolerant. The first step is to be tolerant of students' opinions and
beliefs. It is very difficult to suck up pride and move on when there is
clearly ignorance in the room.
Maybe an approach to take with the students who are reluctant to
tolerate others is to refocus. Point out the underlining. Okay, so they
prayed for rain. But WHY did they pray for rain? Why was rain important?
Then make the connection. This is how they prayed for rain. You may pray
differently; this is how they did. Allow no room for criticism. My
grandmother once told me something - I don't have to accept you; I have to
support you, but I don't have to accept you. We don't have to accept
everyone, but we do have to learn how to tolerate and get along with others.
I am sure the word "accept" has raised the hair on the back's of
people's necks. For those of you who object, meet my mother-in-law. I don't
have to like the woman, but I do need to get along with her. (At least when
I see her.) :)
Jennifer in Michigan
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Date: Friday, October 15, 1999 7:42 PM
Subject: Today in Art Class....religion

>Well, today was a real winner. 3rd grade class is starting a unit on
>American art, including Native American. Plan is to make Kachina dolls
>and totem poles from toilet paper rolls, right? So I've got my slide
>projecter going and am ATTEMPTING to explain how Native American
>religion holds that living things have spirits, and the use of Kachina
>dolls in praying for rain, crops, etc. when the little squirts start
>evangelizing on me about how "they", meaning the Native Americans are
>WRONG!!!!!!!! and they're "going downstairs where the dryer is and never
>coming back" (the words of one of them - they're afraid to say the word
>'hell'.). One of 'em even got up and jumped around, yelling about how
>JEEEEEZUS had reached WAY down to pick him UP! and save his soul, etc.
>etc. You would have thought you were listening to Jesse Jackson (with a
>rat-tail), and I'm not kidding.
>Whaddya DO with this kind of thing? Can't just say, "Native Americans
>make these dolls 'cuz they're purty...."
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