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Re: Disappointing Jeapordy

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J Baas (wjbaas)
Mon, 03 Sep 1956 13:46:57 +0700

Bummer about the clay thing. The jepardy game sounds neat- Could you explain
more spoecifically how you set this up? Not familiar with the game at all. Just
send to me---------

On another note for the group---------------------

Helpppppp My jewelry and textile students started out to be a good group-all 32
of them sandwiched in a little tiny non-art room. Then someone decided to get
creepy and "spill" seed beads all over the floor. Once is an
accident-------when you get those little suckers in your shoes they are like
being on rollerblades on the polished floors. I eliminated the "guilty" gutsy
guys from that activity with an alternate choice-mine not theirs. Today kids
were finishing up a bracelet process and using some scrounged beads for
spacers-------I have a box full that I've gathered over all the years------has
some cool stuff in it-not school owned. Some devious dudes were throwing them
during class. I could hear the beads hit but for the life of me I could not
see who was doing it. I'm steamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems so unfair to withdraw
this activity from all the group. But I can't let this kind of thing continue.
What happens when I'm supervising soldering if they can't handle a few beads?
Any ideas?
Thanks for letting me sound off!

dj wrote:

> How are you putting together your groups? Maybe consider splitting up some
> of the kids to even out the abilities.(?) Going around the room to each
> group in order is a good idea. I do that. Stops the chaos. I also have them
> answer a double jeapordy question at the end where they must bet at least
> some of their points. The group decides how many points to bet. Another way
> to keep the chaos down: One student speaks for the group after the decision
> has been made by all. But if any one student from the group jumps the gun
> and calls out..... they seal the fate of the entire group. That call locks
> in the bet number for the group. In this way, it's one more last ditch
> effort for the losing group to win. BTW, my questions are usually current
> events in art.
> What a drag about the clay. I teach ceramics and feel for you. Do you know
> which student did this? Someone had to see who it was don't you think? Maybe
> you could try and find out and then handle that "child" appropriately. Good
> Luck.
> Donna
> LynnMarie Paris wrote:
> > Ok...I need some friendly advice. To introduce O'keeffe, today I played
> > Jeopordy with my Studio in Art classes using three issues of Art and
> > Man/Scholastic Arts. One class went great and the other not so great.
> > What happened is that two teams got WAY ahead of the other three teams
> > (like 2000 points vs 200 points). The slower group had given up and to
> > try to get them motivated/back into the game I gave the winning teams a
> > 10 and a 15 second handi-cap....meaning that after they found the answer
> > I would wait 10 or 15 before calling on them. If the team with less
> > points got the answer within that time, I called on them first.
> >
> > Even with the handicap the winning team was still winning and the
> > "losing" team sometimes got answers wrong. Once they got it wrong, the
> > other teams had a shot to answer it. However, this now caused the
> > winning team (with generally my most positive and friendly students) to
> > give up, complain and scowl a bit. I felt really badly about this, but
> > did not know what else to do. By the end of the game they had given up
> > and now I feel that somehow I have ruined what should have been a fun
> > activity.
> >
> > Question: How else could I have handled this? I have felt crummy all
> > afternoon now. I am sure it did not help that right after school I
> > found out that today a student threw about 10 pounds of clay out a
> > window at a car and now the administration has told us that the windows
> > have to be closed in our already 85 degree classroom. I dont know if it
> > happened in my class or in the other teacher's classes, but somehow I
> > think he blames me???? Anyway...sorry to ramble on and
> > started as such a good day and now I feel bummed.
> >
> > One solution to the Jeapordy issue I came up with is to go around the
> > room. One group at a time gets the first chance to answer and then go
> > to the next group if they get it wrong. That takes some of the
> > intensity out of it and might even out ability levels...what other ideas
> > do you have?
> >
> > Thanks a ton for "listening" to all of this and sharing your ideas....
> > Have a great night
> > LynnMarie