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RE: Today in Art Class....religion

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Kimberly Anne Herbert (kimberly)
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:59:49 -0500

Such bigoted talk from such young children makes my heart sink. I see this
type of attitude here from adults and children During our heroes exhibit, in
front of a picture of the civil Rights Memorial a child told a staff member
"My Dad says we should send all the ****** back to Africa or kill them."
Scary. I have told staff members that we have to confront bigoted remarks.
We might not change the speaker's mind but if we don't challenge the remarks
then all the kids that overheard are given the message that such statements
are ok. Because we see these kids for 1 hour on a tour, all we can do is say
"We don't allow that type of hurtful language here" and respond to the
misinformation with correct information. Also any threat of violence is
reported to the adult who brings the kids.

The children were disrespectful of you, and the Native American culture, and
you have to confront that head-on. Do not tolerate it. Given the way 3rd
graders think, you may need to make it clear that respecting someone's
religion is not the same as believing it. On the other hand their freedom of
religious expression does not entitle them to be disrespectful or disrupt
Kimberly Herbert

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Sent: Friday, October 15, 1999 6:47 PM
Subject: Today in Art Class....religion

Well, today was a real winner. 3rd grade class is starting a unit on
American art, including Native American. Plan is to make Kachina dolls
and totem poles from toilet paper rolls, right? So I've got my slide
projecter going and am ATTEMPTING to explain how Native American
religion holds that living things have spirits, and the use of Kachina
dolls in praying for rain, crops, etc. when the little squirts start
evangelizing on me about how "they", meaning the Native Americans are
WRONG!!!!!!!! and they're "going downstairs where the dryer is and never
coming back" (the words of one of them - they're afraid to say the word
'hell'.). One of 'em even got up and jumped around, yelling about how
JEEEEEZUS had reached WAY down to pick him UP! and save his soul, etc.
etc. You would have thought you were listening to Jesse Jackson (with a
rat-tail), and I'm not kidding.

Whaddya DO with this kind of thing? Can't just say, "Native Americans
make these dolls 'cuz they're purty...."

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