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Re: need information to protect curriculum...

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LynnMarie Paris (paris)
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 21:47:14 -0400

> 1. What is the suze of your high school? (ours is 1700+)


> 2. How many students do you service per class (mine are 24-32)


> 3. How many classes does your high school have?

(Studio in Art (15 sections, full year), Ceramics I(about 5 Sections), Ceramics
II(about 5), Advanced Ceramics, Glass Design(2), Advanced Glass Design,
Drawing, Painting, Cinematography(about 6), Advanced Studio, AP Portfolio,
Sculpture, Graphic Arts(2), Advertising, and AP Art History....I THINK I GOT
THEM ALL???) I am not exactly sure on all of the numbers of sections for each
course...but there is a lot offered at the school. They just expanded the
department this year by two full-time positions. Mine is one of the new ones.
We now have 7 full-time high school art teachers and 3 part-time teachers who
teach one course each. Plus a department supervisor to oversee the entire
program k-12, she teaches one of the part-time positions.

> (we have: General Art 1/General Art 2/ Basic Design/ Basic Computer Art
> (new)/Realism (perspective)/ Watercolor (new)/Life Drawing ( figures and
> portraits)/ Painting/Advanced Painting/Murals and Portfolio

> 2. What are your entry level courses? (General Art 1/General Art 2/Basic
> Design/Realism/Computer Art)

Studio in Art is our entry level is a full-year course

> 3. How many sequential classes do you have?

I am not sure about this

> 4. Diversity of courses?(ours all have to be 2D, but there is some scupture
> (paper,
> straws, cardboard, found objects)

I think the diversity is evident from the titles....computers, cinema, ceramics,
sculpture, drawing, painting, glass. As for now, the one thing I see missing
is photography, which is taught by the technology department.

> 5. Budget (2.85 per student + 5.00 lab fee).

$3000-$3500 per full-time teacher, no matter what they teach (I think).

> Please might do some good, or maybe not, but it's worth a shot!
> vkt

I hope this helped.