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RE: Calendars of student art work?

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D Sterner (dsterner)
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 10:38:12 -0400

Ricki, you are right about that. I just had note cards printed from
artwork of students who studied Georgia O'Keeffe. They turned out
wonderful and we are still marketing them. It was a year in the making
though, but worth the contribution from area businesses.

For a calendar, I would suggest doing a "mock - up" with a standard sheet
size. 7 sheets of 81/2 x 14 bond paper folded in half offers a good image
area of 81/2 x 7. Assemble by designating the cover, inside pages (credit
to printer, other freebies, administration, PTA, etc...) the calander
months and corresponding images. This will give you something concrete to
look at and estimate for printing. Once the "plates" are made (14 of them)
it is just a matter of how much paper you want each plate to print.
Remember color printing is always more expensive than black and white - but
don't let scare you off.

I hope for much success for you with this project!

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Sharon Barrett Kennedy wrote:
> I'm thinking about trying to put together a school calendar that features
> student artwork.
> Is it best to copy directly from the drawing (in pencil or ink) or is it
> possible to print out a good enough image from the computer (such as from
> picture taken with a digital camera and enhanced with Photoshop)? This
> doesn't really need to be of "professional" quality, but I'd still like
> to look nice, with relatively clear images.
> Also, does anyone know the approximate printing cost per calendar? What
> weight of paper works best for this--that's still economical?
> We're such a small school that I don't anticipate being able to generate
> tons of sales from these, but I'd like to do it to (internally) promote
> art program, give the kids some positive recognition, have something like
> this available for sale in the community (which I think would be
> supportive), and basically do something that no one has done before at
> school.
> Thanks for your help! (AGAIN!!)
> Sharon

I've actually never done it (cause I still don't have my own classroom,
but want to do it when I do). There might be a printer in your area
that will give your school a discount. Maybe the same printer your
school uses for other printed material. I know that artwork created in
Illustrator and other software programs are camera ready, so as far as
the quality of the finished printing, it should look professional. If
you have a good printer and print out the images scanned the result
could also be quite "finished".

I know a local food store got involved with calendars for the children
in our community. they used local artwork from the schools and did a
printed calendar which they gave out at their store. I'm sure it was a
tax write off for them so you might want to look into a corp. getting
involved. I don't know exactly how to go about it, but I would think
talking with public relations would be the first step. A lot of times
companies are looking for this type of project as it makes them look
good as well.