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Re: Re: Calendars of student art work?

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Sun, 17 Oct 1999 09:39:23 EDT

In a message dated 10/17/99 9:15:02 AM, fromkinr wrote:

<<> Is it best to copy directly from the drawing (in pencil or ink) or is it
> possible to print out a good enough image from the computer (such as from a
> picture taken with a digital camera and enhanced with Photoshop)? This
> doesn't really need to be of "professional" quality, but I'd still like it
> to look nice, with relatively clear images.
> >>

Yes, clear imagery via the computer is entirely possible. Using the digital
camera isn't the BEST choice, but it would work. I do projects like this all
the time. If I were going to make a calendar, I would do one of these two
1. I could let the students make small drawings (the size that was desired
for the calendar or not larger than the scanner bed. I would scan them
directly into the computer.)
2. Have the students do large drawings which I would photograph with a
regular camera. Then I would scan them in use a scanner.
If you don't have access to a scanner, you could use a digital, but depending
on the quality of the camera, your images might come out a bit fuzzy or
"chunky" with pixels when enlarged.
After I collected all the images, I would lay them out in PageMaker or any
software that enables you to make a calendar layout. I would save the file on
a ZIP disk. I would take the ZIP disk to the printer. They would take my
files and put it on their computer. They would print from that.
As far as printing cost. Find out which printer your district uses to print
all their school stuff. Go to that printer and try to beg for a deal. (If you
are using black and white images, you could print it yourself with the
computer if the calendar was small! However, printing in color on a computer
printer would be $$$).
I hope this helps.