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Re: dollar store

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Sun, 17 Oct 1999 02:17:32 EDT

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I forgot who brought it up, but just wanted to say that I enjoy the dollar
store. There are many interesting items that work well for students of any
age to get in some great drawing ideas..My K-2 graders just completed a
lesson with scarecrows. Found some really great scarecrows--different
costumes on three of them, and a corny looking felt scarecrow hat (for me,
course). We worked in a unit on contour drawings, lines, shapes, textures,
space (emphasizing background and foreground) and I read them a story called
"Barn Dance" by Bill Martin, Jr. John Archambault, and illustrated by Ted
Rand. And to get even more mileage with the scarecrows, next week, we will
be painting pictures of them, doing some color theory/warm colors and color
mixing, too. >>

I got a GREAT skeleton at the dollar store, and introduced him to my K's and
1st Graders this week. We went all through "my friend" on my lap, to prepare
for some noodle skeleton works, and as I assessed where they were with bone
identification, proper terms, noticing the many little bones inthe hands and
feet, the Big Femur, the SSSSkull, covered the "funny bone" idea. Made a
mistake with the second class when we came to the pelvis. Had asked "what is
this bone?" while gesturing to the skull, hinting that it starts with an "S".
When I got to the pelvis area and wanted to begin a little thing about the
cradle shape of it and how it holds a baby when a woman is pregnant, I timed
it wrong and said "What is THIS special bone down here that begins with the
letter "P!" I realized my error quickly as some started to giggle and just
answered mySELF quickly with the PELVIS and went on as the few collected
themselves. A funny teacher moment. Our noodle skeletons turned out cool,
too! Someone was asking about what to do with a ton of donated noodles
before. Thought of them as I hunted through the many shapes and sizes of
noodles on the market!