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Re: texture/leaf rubbing

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Linda Kelty (lckelty)
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 17:05:40 -0400

Cool! I know Cliff and he's a really good teacher. I student taught with
one of his colleagues at the high school when he was at that level. Another
neat thing you can do with pliable leaves is coat them top and bottom with
acrylic polymer. This keeps them pliable. We laminated them with a severe
and profound class and created mobiles for those in the tipped wheelchairs
to watch moving from the ceiling. We also used a variety of techniques and
painted the ceiling tiles from the suspended ceiling for them to look at.
When I did Sistine Chapel murals with elementary, we hung them from the
ceiling of the pediatric dentist and doctors offices. This must be a flow
of thought posting. All from Cliff and leaves. I once bought a set of
pottery canisters from Cliff. He'd taken oak leaves and laid them on a
leather hard body, pushed to impress the texture and then carved around them
all for a relief surface. The glaze settled into the impressed surfaces and
it was wonderful to touch and look at. Linda K.

Nancy wrote:

>During the past two weeks I have been using a process I got from that great
>Iowa teacher, Cliff C. from Davenport.
>Collect those falling leaves--not the dry cracking ones, the soft pliable
>ones. (I collected while many were still green. I even collected some
>juniper.) Glue each leaf to a piece of mat board scrap or cardboard, using
>spray cement. Lay the leaf, smooth side up on a newspaper.
>Spray the rough side and immediately flip over onto the board, and press
>The glue dries almost instantly and the leaves can be used immediately.
>Believe it or not: we have used these with dozens of kids for many days. I
>do ask them not to pick at the leaf or stem. Only a few of the 50 leaves I
>mounted on mat board have bit the dust. They don't curl up! Cliff says he
>keeps them for years.
>They work better for rubbing texture for kindergarteners than just a leaf
>hiding under their paper. I tell them to lay their paper on top of the
>then use an old crayon with no paper and rub with the side of the crayon
>over the whole mat board. Some got the impression of the board, some
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