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Re: What ARE the Elements of Art/Design?

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Wed, 13 Oct 1999 19:59:58 EDT

In a message dated 10/13/99 4:03:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time, rlarson

> Okay, this may sound like a silly question, but is there any one agreed upon
> > list of the elements of art?
> >
> > "Line" seems to be a given. Same with "texture" and "color."
> >
> > After that, it sort of seems up for grabs--could be "shape," "form," "
> space"
> > (from one source)
> > or it could be "shape" and "mass." Other lists contain pieces and parts
> of
> > any of the ones listed so far.
> >
> > Some lists I've seen start with "dot" (even before "line") and then go
> to
> > include things I consider to be PRINCIPLES of design (such as unity and
> > balance) in with their elements.
> >
> > So--what listing of elements of art do you use in your teaching??
> >
I like to use the following Elements as the thing we make art with:

Line (many types), Shape (2-d), Form (3-d), Color (3 properties of), Value
(degree of dark and light), Texture (implied or real).

The Principles are the things we need in a composition:

Area of Emphasis (center of interest),Balance (formal or informal, also with
other elements), Rhythm (juxtaposition of shapes, forms, etc.) Directional
Movement (leading your eye through the format), Variety of Size and Contrast.
these are the one's I use.

Ken Schwab
San Jose CA