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Re: yearbook ideas

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Aaron and Jennifer (THEGREEN99)
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 16:04:19 -0400

A couple of ideas: have your students created the cover of the yearbook?
Have your students collected information on current events thus far to add
in as "filler"? Or students could design the extra pages many of us forget
to do, like the cover page. Also remember sometimes the best laid plans are
the worst ones to use. Coming from experience, preliminary lay-outs almost
never work. The stories throw a wrench into the whole thing. Some are too
short; some too long. So, keep that in mind while looking at the lay-out.
As for the newspaper, one way to approach this is using Quark Express.
I am not sure what programs you have or are using. When I worked on a
newspaper, this is what we used. When I taught pagination to others I
explained it as a means of balancing shapes. This helped because most
communication majors (who worked for the paper) generally had no sense of
design. There are some pretty good pagination books out there, too. I can't
remember them off the top of my head. I could check into it if you would
like. The one thing I stressed with my staff was "bumping headlines." It is
a common mistake, but all it takes is a little more thought on design and
problem solving. I hope this helps some. If have any other questions, I will
be more than happy to help.

Jennifer in Michigan
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From: Christi Fennell <cfennell1>
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Date: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 3:22 PM
Subject: yearbook ideas

> I know that this might not be really artsy!!!, but I
>am a first time yearbook advisor and I need help. I
>have them selling ads and yearbooks. I, also, have
>had them draw out all of their layouts, but now what
>do I have them do while they are waiting for the
>computers? (We are entering all of the pages into the
>Adobe Pagemaker program and submitting them to
>Josten's that way. I only have 3 computers that are
>working and I have 15 kids!!!)
> I decided to have the waiting kids design a school
>newsletter. I have had them interview teachers,
>students and athletes. There will also be a section
>for current events and for school announcements. NOW,
>how do I organize this into a PAPER!!!!!!????
>I am an art teacher, not a publications
>What else am I missing? Is there something else they
>could be doing for the yearbook? I asked the last
>advisor, but she said she never had this problem!!!
>They never had their layouts done on time! We have
>100 minute classes every other day and I need to know
>how to teach them more!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
>Christi Fennell
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