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Re: feeling overwhelmed

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Donalyn Heise (
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 11:20:08 -0500

Don't be frustrated. With all of having been there, we can surely share
resources that may prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

I have a web page that I created that I use when teaching self-portraits. It
focuses on the art of Frida Kahlo. It has web links, questions, etc.

The Getty has great resources as well!

Don't forget to look into teacher resource packets that are available
Here are some that are available from the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, NE:
Greek Pottery
Radicals & Traditionalists: Variety in 19th-Century French Art
Packets Based on Special Exhibitions:
The Art of Construction: Elements of Architectural Design
Making Art Last: The Care and Coservation

I am sure that many museums have similar packets for teachers.

Good luck!

Donalyn Heise
Instructional Technology and Distance Learning Specialist
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---------- >From: "Aaron and Jennifer" <THEGREEN99> >To: <fromkinr> >Cc: "art talk group" <> >Subject: Re: feeling overwhelmed >Date: Tue, Oct 12, 1999, 9:33 PM >

> I think I have seen it. I know what you mean.:) > Jennifer > -----Original Message----- > From: ricki fromkin <fromkinr> > To: Aaron and Jennifer <THEGREEN99> > Cc: art talk group <> > Date: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 7:18 PM > Subject: Re: feeling overwhelmed > > >>Aaron and Jennifer wrote: >>> >>> I have a question for all you veteran teachers. I am starting on the >>> grand voyage of teaching my curriculum, since our district does not have >>> one. Someone once told me that as a new teacher, one should create at > least >>> one lesson a year (a semester in my case) and do it really well. (Having >>> good visuals, resources, videos, etc., etc.) Right now, I am trying to > not >>> overwhelm myself with too many projects like that. For instance, right > now I >>> am preparing a lesson on Frida Kahol. I have selected passages for the >>> students to read and works of art to look at. I am also looking for a > video >>> on her, too that I have access to. Of course, I still need to get > everything >>> together for the meat of the project - a self-portrait. I am barely > staying >>> afloat making sure all the stupid administrative things are getting done. >>> (Like attending meetings that have been cancelled, but no one notifies me >>> and of course it is my fault for not being a mind reader. Sorry, a little >>> bitterness.) >>> I am getting a little winded. All in all, I finding myself becoming >>> burnt, not burnt out, just crispy. I don't want to do a second-hand job >>> teaching my students. In turn, in order for me to teach them "properly" I >>> have so much to do. I really don't have any other resources. The other > art >>> teachers in the district merely teach how to draw cartoon characters - at >>> least from what I have seen and heard. Is this "normal"? To feel crispy > as I >>> do? Am I doing too much? I am trying to convince myself that I am not, > and >>> that I have so much to do because I have not built a base to work from. > (A >>> general base of projects and project materials) Any advice will most >>> appreciated. >>> >>> Jennifer in Michigan >> >>Beware, there is a video on Frida that's an independent art film. It's >>called Frida. Don't use it. It's not appropriate. >> >>Ricki > >