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Re: women's behaviour-RE: Soap Box

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Wed, 13 Oct 1999 10:52:21 EDT

Sandra (& Artie),
You go girl! Some call it being a "B" -- I call it being assertive. Nobody
runs over me, Yet I am fair & dependable. It takes guts & confidence as well
as belief in yourself / product stand up for yourself. Accepting less
money for your work when others are getting more for the same or inferior
work is bad business. When people can get something for nothing, they value
it less. You have to be willing to walk away in the event it backfires, but
usually you will get what you ask for (money) if your work is good. I can
tell you many stories of (others and myself) how just writing down facts of
all the things you do is the key, especially the above and beyond the call of
duty stuff. Investigate this thoroughly, then make an appointment with your
boss. Present it to him/her calmly and unemotionally. I even put on a
sympathetic smile when they try to back down. A sign of a true "B." When they
see that you are serious, then you are on your way. Artie, it is up to YOU
to make it happen for yourself. Professionals do this everyday. Act
enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic!
Janice Jarreau