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Tue, 12 Oct 1999 22:31:44 EDT

Hello all---

Well, I'm in the state of Georgia. Last year I worked as a substitute
teacher. I wanted to take some time off from teaching art (full time) to
work on writing and illustrating. I did a long term sub for one of the art
teachers and earned $ 60 a day. For regular sub pay, I received $ 50 a day.
The fact that I had a Masters degree and 17 years experience didn't count for
as much as I would have thought.

Now, I work part time--teaching art grades K-5. This means I work two days
one week and three days the next. I have 23 classes--all meet for 35 minutes
each. Kindergarten and first grade come on the alternating Fridays--the
"third day" week. I receive $2 per child, and there are 410 +/- students. At
my last school. I had over 1200 children--a budget of $1.50 per child--with
53 classes. I had to altenate weeks...K-1-2 in one week, and 3-4-5 the next.
Class time was 50 minutes. I like working the part time hours because I'm
able to do my own art work as well. I get benefits and everything, but the
BEST thing is having FOUR SINKS that actually face the rest of the room. At
my last school, I had one short one which was turned around to the rear of
the room. We ALL know what a disaster that can be if you have to have your
back turned to finish clean ups and preps for one class while the other is
coming IN because someone came late to pick up their kids, and the other one
came early ! (Don't get me started on that one. It wouldn't be a pretty

By the way, I enjoy all the postings we have here. I save a lot of the ideas
in a file, print them off, and file them in a notebook. When I need them,
they will be there. You folks are the tops, veteran teachers and first
years' as well. From the veteran teachers, I get the camaraderie of having
been down a similar road, and validation of why we do what we do in SPITE of
all the obstacles in our paths. From the first years', I get to experience
all the excitement and energy all over again. Thank you for that. I look
forward to being with this group.

All the best,