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Re: computer use in art classroom

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Stacey Bernstein (staceyb)
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 04:00:57 -0700

Hi Carol,

At my first teaching experience (four years as Artist in Residence & Visual
Art Coordinator) the school's lab contained Power Macs (my preference) and
we had Photoshop 3-4, and Painter 3. I had written a grant for a few Wacom
tablets that students chose to work with on occasion. I am sorry but I do
not reacll the brands of the two scanners, or the digital camera... they

Now, I am the Visual Arts teacher at another alternative high school in a
nearby district. Our lab is a Windows lab. I no longer say, "I don't do
Windows." ;-)
We have Photoshop 4, and I teach a Photoshop class, the program's just
about the same as the Mac version. We have an Epson scanner, two digital
cameras, that I have yet to really use, so I don't know which brand they
are. I also recieved a grant last year for two Wacom Intuos tablets
bundled with Painter Classic. Since I only have two at this time, I will
probably introduce them as options in next quarter's Digital Painting class
that I am offering for the first time. I plan on building the tools
slowly, as my art budget does not have the room for high tech purchases.

Hope this helps, basically software is cross platform, so it's a type: Mac
or PC preference at the school or district level. Like I said, I prefer
Mac, but make no complaints about my current situation.

-Stacey B.

At 11:44 AM -0400 10/11/1999, Carol Simmons wrote:
> I'm interested in what brand/model computers art teachers use in
>their classrooms as well as what printers, digital cameras, computer
>software, etc. are most useful and appealing to students. Which programs
>are available for both Mac and PC? Also do any of you use art graphic
>tablets such as Pablo or Intuos or Wacom type? Thanks for sharing your
>experience in use of computers with me and others. Carol

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