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Re: Class Schedule

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Mon, 11 Oct 1999 11:28:51 EDT

I'm a full-time Art Teacher K-5 in one school with 400 students. I teach 19
classes a week (up from 18 last year). I have 3 classes at each grade level
except four 3rd grades. Average class size is 25-the limit in my district.
The third grade has 20 in each. We're on Block Scheduling so classroom
teachers have "Common Prep" which dictates the schedule. I teach 3 -40
minute periods on Tuesday and Thursday, 4- 40 min. classes on Mon. and Fri.
and 5-40 min. classes on Wed. I have hall duty 3 mornings from 8:15to 8:30
and lunch duty(30 min) once a week. Contractual day is 8:15 to 2:45. I have
an Art Club (extra pay for extra services) one day a week after school for an
hour. However, ask me what time I leave- the earliest 4:00 and sometimes 9
or 10 at night! Does this sound crazy with all the "Prep" time I have? My
district is rated the top (scholastically) in New York, and the teachers put
in a lot of overtime. During the day, I give extra art if I'm doing an
involved project with the kids or individual attention. Lots of time for art
integration with the other teachers' subjects and special area teachers- we
often collaborate. I understand this is a luxury! 40 min. is not enough
time to teach the way I want to teach but I utilize the day by doing the most
interesting, involved, substanance lessons I can think of , and my schedule
affords me this. Most of my projects require a lot of prep. I mount and mat
everything, and I'm busy doing elaborate displays for the halls of the
school and the administration building. I have a beautiful huge art room and
two huge (10x10 closets) and soon 4 sinks(they're adding ) and plenty of
supplies, new tables......Art Teacher HEAVEN.....

By the way, I paid my dues! This is my second year in this district. I left
a district after 10 years where I had NO ROOM, a cart, and 4 floors, only 2
floors accessable by cart. No sinks in the classrooms. The principal would
only allow 2 children at a time to wash in the bathrooms. I carried supplies
up and down from my station which was an unheated closet! I was constantly
sick from the cold closet and the hot classrooms. I did everything- lots of
painting, paper mache, plaster, clay,(kiln in the closet with me) even
without a room. Carried buckets of water up and down. And, I was expected to
do ALL the bulletin boards in the school with the children's art! When the
district passed a bond issue two years ago and they decided to add 2
classrooms and a Music Room, and still NO art room, I decided enough of this
abuse! Refused to change my program or compromise on The NYS Standards so I
looked for a more enriched district in which to teach....went from hell to
heaven! So, that's my story....... Sue