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Re: glaze question

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L.P. Skeen (
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 22:24:05 -0400

Davissw wrote:

> Dear Group,
> I have enjoyed reading responses for awhile and have yet to contribute but
> I'm sure to in the future.
> Even though I check to make sure the student didn't glaze too close to the
> bottom of the pot I have a problem with some glazes running down the pot and
> sticking to the shelf. I have kiln wash on the shelves so the pot releases
> easily but then I have this jagged edge. How can I prevent this from
> happening, and if it does, what is the best way to smooth it out. I've tried
> a file without much success.
> susan in mich


First, are you sure you're using a glaze that is intended for the temperature
you're firing to? If so, try a thinner application of the glaze, and use wax
resist at least 1/4" up from the bottom of the pot. Woody's suggestion of stilts
is also good.

For smoothing, get a Dremel-type tool, but do not, DO NOT under ANY
circumstances, use the wire brush attachment. Those little steel wires come out
of the brush, and even if you're wearing goggles, you can end up at the
Opthalmologist's office. Ask me how I know.......

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