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The Austin's (whest177)
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 20:32:27 -0500

Perhaps I should have clarified -My "scissors" problem does not stem from
students in class. It occurs at the grade school when they are "borrowed"
off my cart - no way to lock it or supplies up, and believe me, I've tried.
At the primary school my room is used for special ed when I'm not there, and
they get "borrowed" there too. At the high school, we each have master keys,
which opens up every classroom door. The worst time for "borrowed" items
occurs when students are decorating for a dance, or there are special
projects in another class. The principal is aware of my problem, and changed
the lock on my door, but it is open above the door (a wonderful idea of the
60's with the open classrooms, and the kids just hop over. My scissors were
all flagged with bright red electric tape, with "ART" written all over them.
Occasionally, a pair will turn up. This makes it sound like the kids are
running rampant through supplies, but they're good kids, and I believe that
they did plan to return them, but they forget. I just decided not to sweat
the small stuff, and concentrate on what's important. BTW - I do have a few
pair of the really gross cheap scissors, and they have stayed!

Oh, and I like the gummy bear idea - I think I'll try it with my high school
kids when we bring out the X-acto knives. Maybe it'll stop the grumbling!

>><<I don't have, like scissors (in the past 6 years, 50+ pair of scissors
>>"walked off", and I refuse to buy anymore)>>