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Re: Budgets and time

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Sharon Hause (smhause)
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 16:24:46 PDT

Forgot about the computer question. At High School, in the two rooms, we
have five total; 3 mac and 2 PC. 2 scanners, one digital camera, two
drawing tablets, one large epson printer, and two small color printers. A
lot of software. All attendance, grades, e-mail, lunch etch is done on the
computer. It is part of our contract to be computer wise, so the district
offers evening computer workshops, about 2-4 semester that pay a stipend of
$10/hour and sandwiches.
It is a three hour workshop.
At the Middle school I have one mac, a scanner, a large epson printer. We
just wrote a grant for 2 digital cameras. I take the students to the
computer lab when needed. The other art teacher has two computers, a
scanner, a lazer printer and one small color printer.

>From: "Sharon Hause" <smhause>
>Subject: Budgets and time
>Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 16:04:18 PDT
>I teach 4 periods of high school art, travel to middle school, 30 minute
>lunch, 5th grade art, prep and then two 6th grade classes.
>7 periods a day, two buildings, so 35 classes a week, about 400 students a
>week. All large classes, smallest is 22. Art club advisor. No additional
>duties since I am shared staff. ( a nice way of saying that I work in two
>We have 4 art teachers, one at H.S. only, one and a half time at H.S. and
>middle school, one at middle school only , and one at the two elementary
>buildings. About 2400 in total district. We all have adequate art rooms.
>High School turns away students every year, not enough periods to schedule
>them in. About 925 in the high school. 400 are in art this semester. We
>offer 14 different courses. Money is not a problem in our district for
>supplies. We always get wheat we need. A special fund to bring in artists
>in residence. We have a course fee for some of our courses which goes into
>an art resale account to purchase supplies we run out of.
>Art club is about 70 strong. We travel to the Chicago Art Institute once a
>year as well as the Renasissance Festival, each semester schedule either s
>symphany, a musical or play and then to a Museum in the Twin Cities. We
>see the Nutcracker in Milwaukee. We go with the humanities class so we fill
>a coach. Cost for students is usually $15. They can each one dollar an
>hour when we do service projects or fundraisers, mural painting etc, to be
>taken off the cost of the trip. No cash is handed out. We live in Northern
>WI, a small rural city.
>Sharon in WI
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