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Rick (rlarson)
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 17:27:54 -0500

Susan, I can empathize. Last year, I had 34(37 showed up and I called in the
assistant principal who got the number down slightly) in one of my classes.
They were the kids that they didn't know where to put since they weren't in
band. They included a 5/6multi-age (Momh inclusive), 6th reg. ed. and 6th
academically challenged( gifted??) students. The room is an inside cinderblock
science room. Small. I was frustrated but it went ok. Administration hasen't a
clue. There was no such thing as an aid. I squawked and they revamped this
year. I've also pushed to have the aides come with the students when they are
needed. They must think we are miracle workers. betsy

Susan Bennett wrote:

> We have 4 to 5 one hour classes a day. On 2 days I have double classes of
> 2nd and 1st graders. I team this with another teacher. The reasoning for
> this is we received a grant that was to keep class size very small. But not
> enough money to cover space etc for special classes. The class sizes have
> gone up and we have about 36 - first and second graders at a time. But we do
> have two teachers. It is working, but a bit exhasuting. Then somehow the MH
> teacher decided this would be a good time to send 2 more students. Go
> figure. They can only handle 6 - 8 but the special teachers can handle 38. I
> guess that is because we are so superior!! Ha! Susan in Ohio
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> ><< I also think it would be interesting to hear what kind of lesson loads
> we
> >all
> > have. I have 30 classes a week of 45 minute periods. I also have 6
> > different preps a day. What about the rest of you? >>
> >
> >I have 25 classes a week of 30 minute! (not enough time!) periods. I am
> only
> >there three days a week so I have no prep time between classes. Thirty
> minute
> >lunch (prep time). But I love what I do, even if some days I am running
> >around like a mad woman!
> >
> >I also have about $2.00 per student.
> >
> >Heather in GA :)
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