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Re: lesson load/class schedule

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The Austin's (whest177)
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 11:58:26 -0500

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with a strange schedule! In our
district, our primary building is 20 miles from the intermediate and jr/sr
high buildings. I start 3 days a week at the primary (K-2), with 2 of those
being library and the third day for art. (They cut my art schedule with the
primary so the kids could have library twice a week, so I just teach about
illustrators during library! On these three days, I also have 2 art classes
in the intermediate building. I meet with the rest of the intermediate
students (3 - 6) on the other two days. In the afternoons, I have two
sections of high school and two sections of middle school, all of which are
on block schedule and meet on alternate days for 90 minutes. K-6 art is 25
minutes each, but I usually take 30 minutes, which the classroom teachers
don't squawk about, since I try to be generous with colored paper, paints,
etc. since they have to buy their own out of their budgets ($100, which they
have to spend on office supplies and grade books, plan books, etc.) I have a
cart in the intermediate building (which I have decided is the easiest for
me, and strangely enough, I DON'T want a classroom), and classrooms in the
primary and high school. My high school room used to be the home ec room,
with a pantry, tons of cabinets, and 4 double sinks. I also have the primary
library/computer lab to maintain. UGH! My plan time is scattered about, with
30 minutes every day, 15 minutes here and there, and 2 hours on Fridays. I'm
also Junior class advisor. I used to do the Fall drama production, but I
escaped that this year!
I haven't ever figured out my budget per student, since I don't divide
it equally between the buildings. I get $1400 per year, plus the H.S.
students pay $10 per semester lab fees, which generally adds up to about
$500 per year. I was able to get the school board to approve this two years
ago, and it has been wonderful!
As crazy as this sounds, my schedule is actually pretty slow paced. I am
completely supported, maybe because I started the art program 6 years ago,
and so they didn't have anyone to compare me with. I just tell them I'm
fantastic! *L* My district is small - about 325 students total. I live 35
miles away, and wouldn't even consider changing jobs to a closer school!

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Subject: Re: lesson load/class schedule

>In a message dated 10/10/99 10:10:48 AM, sharonbk wrote:
><<There's no regular PE program and so teachers are enlisted to coach a
>variety of sports programs, being responsible for 2 out of 3 seasons. This
>occurs every afternoon from 3:30 until 5:30. So starting with the winter
>sports season, my day will "officially" start at 7:50 and not end until
>5:30. For teachers who are coaching sports teams that have away games, the
>day can be much, much longer.
>I am glad you seem to like your situation because if I had your schedule
>"required" participation in advising, coach, club duty, no frills, etc., I
>would have a nervous breakdown!!
>My schedule is weird, but at least reasonable. We have 50 minute classes, 6
>periods a day. Within that perameter, I teach 12 classes (K-5) 50 minute
>week for the semester, 3 classes (Grades 6-8) which meet 50 minutes per day
>for only six weeks then the classes rotate, and 1 class (Grades 9-12) which
>meets 50 minutes each day for one semester. Also, I have one 50 minute a
>planning period and one 50 minute yearbook period. Hey, I told you it was