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Re: fund raising ideas?

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Sat, 9 Oct 1999 10:38:32 EDT

I have an "Adopt an art student " program which is working for me. I create
"Adoption Certificates" and the students go crazy when s staff member adopts
them. For their $10. adoption fee this term so far, the sponsors get
decorated pumpkins, the decorations being a basic design concept painted on
the pumpkkin. I do purchase two quarts on inexpensive gloss medium to cover
the completed pumpkins.
The sponsors will also receive cut mat board (scraps donated by local framing
companies and localo artists) jewelry. I also purchase scraps from places
which get rid of bulk decorative items to put onto the jewely.
When staff see the pumpkins (small ones) on the desks of other teachers, it
is a given that someone will walk into my room and hand me $10. for their
pumpkin. This is a finite project and I give the dates and times that the
project will be available.
We've gone the fund raising route and there are so many other groups doing
fund raisers with cheap items which are not worth the money that this seems to
be the best idea I have come up with.
Most staff members, hall monitors, etc. proudly put up the "Adoption"
certificates and the srt students point out their names to everyone...and
yes, EVERY advanced student gets adopted, sometimes twice and three times.
Sponsors get an update on the activities, shows the student has placed in,
exhibits they've entered, where their work is in the library display, etc. I
have received about three hundred dollars this semester and was able to
purchase brushes for the advanced studentsd along with small boxes of pastels
for each student.
The $5. art fee goes the same route as you do. Most pay, others get E for the
card marking, but thise students are usually the ones who get E for not
participating anyway. Watch and see where their m,oney goes. The last three
years I went to a discount warehouse and bought crackers, granola bars, and
bottled water for sale and the kids would spend two and three dollars a day
for munchies. We were able to get all of our mat board for competition work
this way. Unfortunately, the administration put an end to all fund raising
involving food and drinks.
Hope this helps. vkt