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Re: Chuck Close/Rembrandt (HS)

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Fri, 8 Oct 1999 22:25:18 EDT

For my Basic Design students we learn to grid. I take photos with my Nikon
and have them developed. Some students will use a copier to get the gray
value scale. We do value scales with cheap tempera.
We have gone through the basic elements of design by this time and we use
shapes and values to do the portraits. After the students grid the photos, we
look for the basic value shapes within the pictures. The results are design
self portraits made of value shapes.
Life Drawing Students have won several Scholastic Art awards with their
gridded self portraits in pencil and with markers using pointillism. I used
to use an opague projector until we learned how distorted the images become
when enlarged. Now we GRID, GRID, Grid. After awhile, the advanced students
don't have to grids and natural talent and observation sets in.
The keys to the quality of the paintings and drawings is VALUE, VALUE, and
more value work. Practice pencil values until students are comfortable seeing
the differences.
Please remember that you are also teaching proportions with mathematics,
using a ruler, triangles (if you have them) and straight edges. We discuss
the mathematical concepts of ratio and proportion so students understand HOW
an enlargement works and Why it works.
I ask the students to purchase a kit at the dollar store for $1.00 which
inclused a ruler, two traingles and a protractor. I found several dollar
stortes that carry these "kits". Most will purchase the kits when they see
the other students getting really good results.
You don't need lots of money to have great portraits. I use #2 pencils, cheap
cake tempera and cheap sulphite. We have a show in a credit union lobby at
the present time and today I put it up and people ooohed and aahed at the
Don't worry about skill levels. Our district has no art in elementary and
middle schools and I get them with NO experience. You can do it!!!!!
VKT(in a "poor" suburb of Detroit)