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A quick positive negative space lesson:


-construction paper {various colors}


Pass out two pieces of same sized colored construction paper to each
student {They choose the two colors if situation possible}.

One piece of the paper is the background. The other is folded in half
and cut along the fold making two equal sized pieces. {One of which can be
passed to a classmate who also wants to use that same color since the paper
not being used as the background is a half piece}

The half piece is either folded horizontally or vertically and a shape
cut out of the paper on the fold making a symmetric shape which is the
negative shape since it is subtracted from the paper when the cutting happens.

The students glue down the half of paper with the shape cut out on one
corner of the background paper and glue the negative shape on the other half o
f the paper making it aligned in an equal distance on the other half of the
paper. If the lesson is not also including symmetry, the cut out shape could
be turned upside-down on the other half of the paper.

If students wish, they can decorate their positive negative shape
patterns when the gluing is finished.

I did this with 2nd. It came out OK with some. It can be geared to all