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Chalk Stencil art

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MaryAnn Kohl (maryann)
Fri, 8 Oct 1999 10:07:35 -0700

Chalk Stencils
(from the book, Scribble Art by Kohl)
Creating stencils with colored chalk is an art technique with a
magical quality as the stencil designs change before the eyes. Although
the directions are somewhat more involved than for many other chalk
ideas, the beauty and magic are worth the effort.

squares of heavy paper, such as old file folders
colored chalk
paper in light colors
facial tissues or cotton balls

1. Cut any shape from a folded square of heavy paper. Keep both
the shape
and the paper from around the shape. Both can be used as
with entirely different art results.
2. Place a stencil (either piece) on the paper.
3. Trace around the shape (or trace inside the opposite piece).
4. Without removing the stencil, hold the stencil with the
non-drawing hand *and at the same time*, take a piece of tissue or a
cotton ball in the drawing hand.
5. Brush the chalk outline gently with the tissue or cotton,
brushing out
and away from the shape (or brushing in and filling the
6. Remove the stencil. The effect will be soft and muted with a
stencil design with clean edges.
7. Repeat as desired all over the paper, overlapping designs,
or keeping them isolated.

The stencil must be held still and not removed before
brushing the
marks for this art technique to work. However, if the artist
decides on
a different idea or moves the stencil, this too is
acceptable and
effective chalk art...just not the same effect as above.

. Create repetitive patterns with stencils and chalk.
. Overlap stencils and designs for a mixing of colors and
. Experiment with a variety of colors overlapping and
. Find objects to use as stencils, such as a soup can, shoe,
comb, hammer, or other ideas.



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