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Re: Lakota Nation

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Donald Peters (softsnow)
Fri, 08 Oct 1999 06:09:30 PDT

>Please let me know if any of you had more pleasant experiences in
>working with the Lakota or another group of the Souix.

I went to college for five years five miles from the South Dakota Lakota
Reservation and I have to say you have to take the good w/the bad and you
see a lot of the bad.

But the bad I saw, we have nobody to blame but ourselves. The Government
gives them money and food, so of course they don't appreciate it. I will
gladly say the same thing about friends of mine who are mooching of the
welfare system.

But on the good side, I learned a lot about Native American culture, and
discovered my spirit animal through meditations w/local Lakotas.

I think your instructor was a little extreme in his viewpoints about white
man not understanding their religion, but I agree w/the base point. I try
very hard (sometimes w/o success) to teach the religious symbolism behind
art from different cultures to try to show and teach tolerance to my

As for other Native American nations being more tolerant, I just ran across
an article on a Native American website when I was researching an Iriquoi
project last month calling for removal of ALL Native American websites
displaying religious artifacts. This call had been decreed by the tribal
leaders of the six nations. Again, I have to agree w/them, after all, how
would you feel if your most personal belongings were put up for view on the


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