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lia (johns392)
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 12:04:48 -0500 goes...

I use several things to keep a lot of data quick at hand for those people
have information overload of the brain. Two extends the clip
board feature of Windows... (I am a PC user) It keeps everything you cut
and paste...rather than constantly throwing out the then can
organize or throw this desired...and you can search for
things..... It is called

SmartBoard 2000 is a product of Oakley Data Services. For other great
products from Oakley Data Services visit; and

This program works for me in the short organize and keep things
right at my fingertips...for longer retrival...I use a bigger data base
type program...and it costs a bit...more too. I have everything stored
here.....including quotes I am stockpiling for my,
cd, technical info...and lots of stuff on art education. You can copy
directly to here....or use Smartboard as a middle step......You can also
copy while you are looking for places online.....web sites etc. It has a
sophisticated search engine...that works FAST....and lots of other
features. If I remember someone on this site had a tip for using doors....
I could just search doors...and would have it right away.

It is called: Infoselect and is available from....

I think this program is over 100 dollars...but worth each cent....100 fold.

I use both of these programs together....daily....ALWAYS....for
everything... and am so accustomed that I would go buy them....right
away....if for some reason I didn't have them any more. Even in my current
student/unemployed state. I am so used to them....

Now...specifically for the listserve here is how I use them...

I get the digest...and read it. If I see an address I want to go to later
to check out...or a small bit...I just copy it normally (this puts in in
Smart). If I see some great stuff on how to dry and fire clay
slabs....then I copy that right to Info Select...into the file...clay
stuff...under art teaching etc. I do this while I am reading....when I am
done....I either throw the journal out....or if I think I might want it
later...keep it. I used to keep them all...and now I wish I didn't do
that. When I am done...or back online if I am off....I can go to
Smart...and check out anything I put there. If I check it out...and need
to tell myself something about it...I can edit what is there in SmartBoard.
If I decide to keep it long term....I might then put it into Info Select.
Or I might decide to trash it.

If I were back in the classroom I would use these programs even more.
Their potential is about as limited as your least in the
organizational realm. Want to see what you have on file for Georgia
O' takes a second.....Or what you have for sub ideas? Easy.

Ok...I have to go back to writing.....hope this helps....


Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 08:37:42 +0000
From: "Johanningsmeier, Debbie" <johannin>
Subject: Feeling Unorganized!

Does anyone have suggestions for organizing all the great ideas we
get from this list serve? I can't seem to print out individual
e-mails from the list. I always get the entire thing, and then don't
take the time to go back through it all and end up with tons of
re-reading to do. I love this list, though, help! dj...